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salt wall for smokers

Smokers Cough Treatment with Himalayan Salt Wall

Smoking is a bad habit linked with many diseases which includes lung cancer, coughing, shortness of breath, chest tightening and fatigue. It is just because of infection and amount of carcinogen present in cigarette. It is researched that more than 4000 carcinogens are present in one cigarette which makes the possibility of wide range of respiratory diseases.

Salt Therapy Relives Lungs:

Pink SALT LUNGS - Himalayan Salterz

If you are smoker and addicted to this bad habit then don’t worry as Himalayan pink salt is very effective for treatment of many respiratory disorders. Salt therapy either by inhalation or regular use by diet proves to be beneficial for relieving lungs and treating illness related to lungs. Now let us discover how it aids in relaxing the lungs to breath in better condition.

  • Salt therapy opens up the air passage way from mouth to lungs for enhanced intake of air and fresh oxygen into lungs.
  • This therapy removes the irritants from complete passage way which often cause trouble oxygen to pass from lungs and leads toward coughing.
  • Due to its anti-inflammatory nature Himalayan salt therapy also helps in prevention and reducing the inflammation of lungs.
  • It helps in preventing and removing the allergens which are main cause of irritation and coughing due to its anti-allergic properties.
  • Tiny invisible droplets of salts which are present in salt room enters in throat and treats sore throat which lead to coughing.
  • Himalayan pink salt therapy aids in preventing excess production of mucus as smoker’s lung tend to produce as compared to non-smoker.

Cough Prevention through Salt Rooms:

Himalayan pink salt rooms are best available therapy for prevention of smokers cough. Smokers are made to sit in those salt rooms where vaporized salt is already present in closed air environment in the form of tiny droplets and micro-sub particles. These are invisible to naked eyes. Those micro-sub particles enter in lungs of smokers where they instantly act against bad cells and infections.
This therapy also helps immune system to recognize and act against pathogens, allergens, bacteria and virus effectively. Moreover, those sub particles stays in lungs and reduce inflammation which in return prevent coughing as an outcome. This salt therapy against coughing is very natural, convenient and beneficial for smokers.

salt therapy

Make Himalayan salt a part of your life and get rid of the smokers cough.

Himalayan Salt Wall

Himalayan Salterz's salt walls are made of 100% pure Himalayan crystal salt bricks, which is widely regarded as the world's healthiest and cleanest salt because of its high concentration of 84 naturally occurring minerals and salts.

Pink Himalayan Salt Bricks for Himalayan Salt Wall are available from us. These one-of-a-kind decorative elements' rising appeal over the last several years may be attributed to the natural, calming beauty they provide to any room.

Himalayan salt wall

These salt wall panels are not only aesthetically pleasing but also very adaptable in terms of size, texture, color, and design.

They are the ideal accessory for...

  • Therapeutic Massage Work
  • Spa Health Center Holistic Health Resort Wellness Center
  • Health club
  • Separate from the main hotel, this salt room is ideal for private use.

These lit, hand-carved salt bricks not only improve the visual value of your spa, but also the health of your guests. The natural ionization process begins when the Himalayan crystal salt bricks is gently heated, activating the salt's hygroscopic characteristics and causing the air's natural humidity to condense on the salt bricks' surfaces. During this process, the salt cleans the air and provides biochemical advantages to our bodies, such as less stress, increased energy, and improved mood. When the influence of pure Himalayan salt is combined to a typical sauna, the resulting Himalayan salt sauna experience is genuinely unparalleled.

What does Himalayan Salt Wall do?

Himalayan salt's hygroscopic qualities allow it to act as a natural ionizer when heated to just the right temperature. Himalayan pink salt attract moisture on the pink salt bricks surface when slightly heated, and the evaporation of this moisture produces negative ions.

Heated Himalayan salt bricks release negative ions that clean the air.

For what purpose do we need negative ions?

Negative ions are abundant in the natural environment, such as beautiful forests, beaches, and waterfalls, but in today's hyper-connected world, positive ions are constantly emitted by our computers, smartphones, microwaves, and other electronics, leaving us feeling drained and down. Contaminants including germs, mold, and allergies may also contribute to an increase in positive ions.
Himalayan salt, which is abundant in negative ions and vital nutrients and minerals, has biochemically beneficial effects for our bodies, including stress relief, increased energy, and improved mood.

Positive Impacts of Himalayan Pink Salt to Body

Several historical experiences and modern-day experiments have demonstrated that Himalayan Pink salt has numerous health benefits. Its numerous health benefits make it a necessary natural element for both the mind and body. Himalayan pink salt is a unique kind of salt that has been proven to be the cleanest among the sea salt family.

The salt is unique as it has been subjected to extreme pressure since the Earth's formation. The constant pressure has made it the cleanest by shielding it from pollutants. Also, the salt contains 84 or more traces of minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium, and others. These additional mineral traces make it ideal for inclusion in the everyday routine.

It is utilized as a nutritious ingredient in cooking since it not only adds flavor but also helps to regulate the pH level of the body. The best Himalayan pink salt products for cooking include salt slabs, granular Himalayan salt to be applied as a unique component, and others. Also, it has less sodium, which provides the benefits of being the best element for managing the body's blood pressure.
Himalayan pink salt is also an excellent bathing ingredient because of its purifying and anti-bacterial effects. Its strong and deep cleansing effects leave the skin incredibly supple. It relieves achy muscles and makes the body feel amazing after a long day. A scrub soap called Salt Massage Stone is the greatest Himalayan salt product for spa treatments.

Himalayan salt bricks

Himalayan pink salt has also been shown to heal a variety of respiratory disorders, including asthma. It has the capacity to clear the bronchi and improve breathing conditions. The most notable example is the unique Salt Rooms (constructed with Himalayan salt bricks and Salt Adhesive), which are used to treat respiratory problems and have also proven to be excellent meditative locations.

In What Ways Can Salt Bricks be used?

This article discusses the construction of Himalayan salt wall using Himalayan salt bricks in such settings as health spas, saunas, wellness centers, and medical facilities. Salt wall is also used for domestic purposes as well. However, Himalayan Salt Bricks have further uses, including foot treatment and animal licking.

Himalayan salt wall and bricks for various ailments treatment

There are several advantages to the Himalayan salt room treatment. You might believe it's good for your health and your appearance. Himalayan salt bricks may be used to create a salt wall or salt chamber, both of which have been shown to have beneficial effects on health. However, there are significant health benefits to spending time in a salt room or in front of a Himalayan Salt Wall.

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