Collection: Salt Detox Blocks

Himalayan Salt Blocks help to detox your body. This will ease fatigue and help skin treatment. Boost Sauna Detox Effects and Ease Fatigue with a Himalayan Salt Foot Detox Block. This salt detox collection carries a salt detox half dome lamp for foot therapy, salt blocks for foot, and salt massage soap block for the skin. 

The warmth of the Himalayan Salt block causes the foot and hand to sweat, which detoxifies and cleanses. Salt Block pulls toxins out and pulls essential minerals in, decreasing unhealthy acidity. Himalayan Salt massage blocks also help in reducing the tiredness, aching, and symptoms of stress caused by over-exertion. And, the Himalayan Salt Foot Detox re-attunes the body to the Schumann resonance, sometimes called the heartbeat of Mother Earth, which helps ease nervousness, insomnia, and lack of concentration while helping to help reduce free radicals from the body.

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