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To Get up to 50% OFF on Shipping Over $1500 shopping, Contact us!


Salt Therapy

  • dry salt therapy with salt bricks wall
    May 8, 2024

    Dry Salt Therapy with Himalayan Salt Bricks Wall

    We craft Himalayan Salt bricks from the pink rock salt, this is why it is 100% pure and natural. The emission of certain ions from the salt wall is because of the warmth that gives backlit system. Due to its organic and natural condition, salt bricks give many health benefits. Negative ions help in improving air quality of the therapeutic room by cancelling out positive ions due to electronic devices and other materials. The salty air due to Himalayan salt bricks help asthmatic patient to get relief from respiratory disorders. As this salt air and certain ions go into the respiratory tract, they remove the unwanted particles from the lungs and bronchies and refresh the entire tract. Which enables a patient to breath easily and his lungs become stronger to fight different diseases even like COVID-19.
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  • salt therapy for baby - Himalayan Salterz
    March 4, 2023

    Himalayan Salt Wall for Salt Therapy for Babies

    The Himalayan Salt wall offers several advantages. You may believe it offers both health and cosmetic advantages. Using Himalayan salt bricks, you can build a Himalayan salt wall or salt chamber for healing and health improvement. Yet, spending time in the salt room offers several health benefits.

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  • Opening Salt Therapy business - Himalayan Salterz
    October 22, 2022

    Himalayan Salt Therapy Business

    Start salt therapy business as it is trending after pandemic. You need to follow some steps to initiate it and earn more than you think. Use Himalayan salt bricks of good quality and some other building materials to transform a room into salt therapy room.
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