Dry Ageing with Himalayan Salt Bricks

  • Reduce Moisture

    The salty atmosphere in the Dry-Ageing Salt Room helps to drawn out the excessive moisture of the meat naturally. Air humidity is lowered, and in turn, salty air takes the moisture of the meat.

  • Tenderize

    Himalayan Salt Wall maintains dry environment and let the chemical reactions to take place within the meat which are necessary. This includes the denaturing of protein fibres, which tenderizes the meat to provide a heightened level of succulence.

  • Anti-Microbial

    The maturation chamber having Himalayan Salt Wall develops an anti-microbial environment. This atmosphere prevents the meat from bad bacterial growth and enhance the possibility of preservation of meat or beef for longer.

himalayan dry age meat - Himalayan Salterz

A Unique Flavor

Himalayan Salt Wall makes able to dry-age meat or beef for butchers to preserve without extra decomposition taking place. Himalayan Salt Dry-Ageing anti-microbial environment adds a unique flavor in the meat.

himalayan salt wall for dry ageing - Himalayan Salterz

Great Steaks

Dry-Ageing Salt Room leads to the truly exquisite flavor. And this is the best method to obtain a unique flavor. This is because of the culmination of benefits which Himalayan Salt Wall gives.

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