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Opening Salt Therapy business - Himalayan Salterz

Himalayan Salt Therapy Business

Nowadays Himalayan Salt therapy is a trending business around the world. People are facing many problems, diseases, and allergies. Salt therapy helps in easing allergies and soothes the mind. Here we will discuss this business that how to open and make operational this business.

Industry Growth for Salt Therapy in 2022

The market for Himalayan Salt Therapy in North America is essentially untouched, and the sector is expected to increase explosively by 2023.

salt therapy business growth chart - Himalayan Salterz

For background, salt therapy in a salt room is the main service that every Spa in European nations is offering. There are currently little over 2000 facilities offering salt therapy across Canada and the US. If you are fortunate, you might find a local salt room in your region. For salt therapy service you do not need to convert the entire room into a salt room. If you build a salt wall in that room and install backlit. This would be a great environment for salt therapy service. An addition is that you can cover the floor with granulated Himalayan pink salt. Simply adding a salt wall to your existing salon or spa is the new trend.

Forecast for the global industry

As the pandemic restrictions and lockdowns have been lifted and economies have begun to thrive. The salt therapy sector is one of the few in North America that is seeing rapid growth now. According to the Global Wellness Institute's compilation of recent statistics and facts, the United States is currently the largest wellness market in the world, with a market size of $1.2 trillion, more than double the size of China. The second-largest market has a market size of $683 billion.

Additionally, they forecast that there will be an increase in the wellness industry by 9.9% annually and will top $7.0 trillion by 2025.

Demand and Supply for Salt Therapy

Himalayan Salt Therapy business - Himalayan Salterz

At the foot of the Himalayan mountains, the supply chain for Himalayan pink salt is humming along thanks to the thousands of local businesses that have set up salt mining operations. There is no scarcity of Himalayan pink salt available.

According to Business Insider Himalayan Salt mine owners annually mine about 800 million pounds each year.

On the other hand, there are not many suppliers of building materials and other items of Himalayan pink salt. We are not mine owners but factory owners. We export salt products from our factory Adeeb Salt in Pakistan. We get the Himalayan pink rock salt directly from the mine and craft the perfect product. Our sole purpose is to work for the wellness facilities. So our focus is on the building materials. We produce Himalayan Salt Bricks for wall. Our salt bricks have different dimensions that are usable for building a salt wall. The standard sizes of salt bricks are 8” x 4” x 2” and 8” x 4” x 2”.

Himalayan Salt Bricks

Himalayan Salt Bricks - Himalayan Salterz

Himalayan Salt Bricks for wall are actually salt blocks. When we give them a particular size or dimensions, we name them salt bricks or salt tiles. As we have mentioned the standard dimensions of salt bricks. We produce different sizes according to the need to build a salt wall. Our unique things in quality are that we produce very fine salt bricks. The corners are very sharp and the pink salt stone quality is long-lasting. We produce these materials for multiple functions and we sell them at wholesale.

Himalayan Salt bricks for wall

Himalayan Salt Bricks for wall - Salt Bricks

We have Himalayan Salt Bricks for wall with a particular quality set patterns. The standard sizes are 8” x 4” x 2” and 8” x 4” x 2” with 8 sharp corners and a fine color scheme. To give a natural look to the salt cave we produce one side of natural salt bricks also. This particular salt brick has one side rough and the other side smooth which gives really natural look.

Himalayan Salt bricks for sauna

These salt bricks are good to be used in the sauna. There are no special salt bricks for sauna. These bricks have the ability to use in high temperatures and do not melt.

Himalayan Salt bricks wholesale

We distribute Himalayan salt bricks wholesale here in the USA and Canada to promote the wellness sector. Our goal is to give an opportunity to every Spa and Sauna owner to install the salt wall and offer their customer new and very effective therapy.

Himalayan Salt bricks for sale

For other purposes, we attract customers with salt bricks for sale at our store like to use for cooking and animals too. Some of them use them to detox the feet.

According to Expert's analysis, The perfect moment to launch a salt treatment spa is right now.

Himalayan Salt Therapy Business: Steps

1. Find a Perfect Location

The initial step is to find a place. Any finished room can be transformed into a salt room.

2. Determine Measurements

The size of the room will depend on how many customers you intend to serve simultaneously. For reference 200 square feet room is good enough for 3 – 4 zero gravity lounge chairs.

You can also provide combined therapy services. By giving the session inside the salt room in addition to salt therapy sessions in the larger salt room. Almost every spa treatment or therapy session can be coupled with salt therapy. Yoga, massage, reiki, and meditation are a few examples.

3. Secure Financing

You must be aware of the expenditures associated, once you have found a room. You must have an idea about Return on investment (ROI). (It is high)

We provide a transparent, all-inclusive pricing structure based on the room's entire square footage. Pricing includes all building materials like salt bricks and salt adhesive and builder's charges to build and design a salt wall.

Based on the size of your salt wall or rooms, we can provide you a precise cost estimate that you may use to determine your financing choices.

4. Finding a Salt Cave Contractor

A very important step in order to stay on schedule: You want your salt therapy spa to be operational on opening day. Considering the lead time required to begin a build, scheduling your builder as soon as feasible can help avoid any potential delays.

Once you've completed this step, you can rest easy at night. This brings us to the last action

5. Getting Started

We can realize your dream once you've calculated your overall costs and arranged funding. We will provide you with all building materials, and consultancy and will also refer you to a builder to install the salt wall completely and ready to operate.

Turn key! It’s as simple as that.

From beginning to end, we handle your salt therapy project. We can assist you in creating a business plan and advertising your salt therapy practice.

We will give you an idea and resource for several customizing possibilities as well as cutting-edge sound and lighting choices. You may envision what your salt spa will look like with the help of detailed blueprints that include cross-sectional illustrations.

Request a quote from us right away!

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