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Himalayan salt wall

Why to build Salt Wall and how long does it last?

It is often seen that people leave no stone unturned when it comes to decorating and renovating their personal spaces for impressing their guests or customers and improving their health. For this reason, a majority of individuals are now ditching the traditional ways of reinventing their homes, spas, and offices by installing pink Himalayan salt walls. Salt wall interior is regarded as one of the best, most feasible, and most affordable decorative technique to give one’s living places a new and attractive look. With its durability and permanence, the Himalayan salt wall has become the preferred choice of people for home, office, club, spa, salon, and restaurant decoration and renovation.

How to Install Salt Wall?

In the competitive 21st century, salt wall construction has gained immense popularity among individuals as a decorative interior of homes, offices, and spa centers. Its soothing nature and air cleansing property have made a salt wall an emerging trend in home decoration. For the creation of a regular Himalayan salt wall (1 inch thick, 4 inches tall, and 8 inches wide), the builders generally use non-toxic epoxy glue, acrylic backing, and non-toxic caulk to give it a long-lasting touch. The Himalayan salt wall is available in both pink and white colored bricks installed within homes and clubs according to the preference of the residents and owners. Before building a Himalayan salt wall, the following things must be kept in mind:

  • When you want to install the salt wall within your personal place, first make the place rain, water, and humidity proof because excess moisture can destroy the salt wall quickly.
  • Always decide the design of the salt wall keeping in mind your budget and personal preference to avoid any last minute glitches.
  • Provide a backlit system for your salt wall to keep it warm and moisture free.
why-you-need-himalayan-salt-therapy_cinzia-blog- Himalayan Salterz

    Methods of Installing Salt Wall

    There are three common methods to build salt wall interiors in homes, offices, and spas which include:

    • Himalayan salt bricks
      There is a first need to identify which dimension of salt bricks is required. If the height of the salt wall is above 4-5 feet, then using 2” salt bricks thick is a good choice.
    • Joining the salt bricks to build a salt wall has different methods. One of them is to use salt adhesive to connect salt bricks.
    • The Glue-Free Method is in which the builder uses a fixed metal profile for placing a salt wall on the fixing system. You can even mount an LED system on a salt wall through this installation method.
    • The Salt Sputtering Method is where the builder applies a salt coat or salt sputter by mounting a net to fix the coat after preparing a mixture of certain Himalayan salts. A glue mixture is not recommended in this installation because of its harmful health effects. This system also does not provide a backlight facility.
    • The Tile Method in which the builder uses a special powdered glue mixed with water to be applied for salt wall installation. You need to wait for the specified time after installing the salt wall through this method so that the glue can dry and set properly. Do not use any ordinary glue for building a Himalayan salt wall as it can react with the crystals of pink Himalayan salt.

    Through these easy and simple methods, you can build a beautiful and attractive Himalayan salt wall with innovative designs in no time depending upon your personal choice and preference.

    Benefits of Installing Himalayan Salt Wall

    Pink Himalayan salt walls are frequently used by a number of people to renovate their living spaces such as houses, offices, spas, salons, and hotels because of their following benefits:

    • The salt wall gives an attractive look to your interior.
    • It provides relaxation and a soothing effect by calming the nerves.
    • It is very beneficial for health as it contains 84 different minerals useful for the human body.
    • It protects and prevents you from becoming a victim of respiratory, heart, and digestive ailments.
    • It clears the impurities and bacteria present in the air by generating negative ions.
    • It is regarded as an instant cure for persistent pain and headaches.
    • It aids you in breathing properly by cleansing the surrounding air.
    salt wall

    These benefits play a vital role in making salt wall interiors the first choice of people for home and office renovation. 

    How to maintain a Salt Wall?

    It is extremely simple and easy to maintain and clean a Himalayan salt wall for increasing its durability and attractiveness. For this purpose, the following steps can be applied:

    • Try to keep the salt wall dry as long as you can.
    • Remove the dust particles from the dry salt wall by brushing them off gently with the help of a brush, broom, or a dusting cloth.
    • If the salt wall appears dirtier, you can sanitize it by using a good sanitizer and then wipe it off with a dry clean cloth.
    • Avoid wetting the salt wall too much while cleaning as it can melt.
    • Keep the humidity below 60% to avoid capturing moisture by the salt wall.

    The Himalayan salt wall will continue to last for a very long time if it is kept safe from moisture, humidity, and water by providing a warm backing of the LED system to it.

    Himalayan salt wall installation has gained worldwide popularity due to its numerous benefits related to health, safety, and decoration of homes, offices, and other important places. If you or your loved one is looking for a novice and innovative idea to reinvent your homes, offices, or clubs, install a Himalayan salt wall within your personal spaces to enjoy a wonderful and healthful living experience for a long time.

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