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The Role of Salt Wall in Reiki Therapy and Yoga

After a tense, hectic, and busy day, relaxation and meditation therapies provide instant relief to an individual soothing his perplexed nerves, agitated soul, and fatigued muscles. For this reason, Reiki and yoga techniques are considered essential for giving instant relaxation to a stressed body and mind. In this regard, the pink Himalayan salt wall installed in spa centers and wellness clinics plays a key role in relaxing and calming one’s nerves after a worrisome day at work. Reiki therapy and yoga done using a Himalayan salt wall not only soothe the mind and nerves of a tense individual. But also cure various chronic ailments such as heart and respiratory diseases, persistent pain, mental stress, and spiritual frustration.

During the past few decades, the pink Himalayan salt wall has time and again proved its numerous advantages and benefits in curing various fatal diseases such as joint pain, muscle fatigue, breathing issue, heart diseases, and digestive problems. Now, the Himalayan salt wall is added within spa centers and health facilities to conduct regular Reiki and yoga sessions for providing instant relief to stressed bodies, tensed souls, and perplexed minds. Therefore, the pink Himalayan salt wall has now become the first choice of individuals when it comes to relaxing their perplexed nerves through Reiki or yoga therapies getting immediate strength and energy after a tough hectic day. This ever-growing popularity and use of the pink Himalayan salt wall in Reiki and yoga sessions will certainly contribute to encouraging people to conduct indoor salt therapy sessions within Himalayan salt wall rooms instead of earlier outdoor meditation sessions.

What are the Reiki and Yoga Therapies?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese therapy system done to provide relief from stress,

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restore the inner balance of the body, and improve the overall healing and health of an individual. A Japanese word meaning ‘universal life-energy,’ Reiki was introduced by a Japanese physician Dr. Mikao Usui on April 22, 1923, when he established his first clinic in Tokyo (Japan) practicing and teaching Reiki therapy to his students. Reiki therapy is based on five essential principles including ‘Just for today, I won’t be angry; Just for today, I will not worry; Just for today, I would be grateful; Just for today, I will do my work honestly, and Just for today, I would be kind to all the living beings on Earth.’

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On the other hand, yoga is a meditative technique involving various kinds of physical, psychological, and spiritual exercises and poses to calm one’s mind, body, and soul. Through different relaxing techniques. Such as child’s pose, plank pose, downward-facing dog, four-limbed staff pose, and cobra pose, yoga therapy aims to strengthen the body and soothe the mind of an individual.

Building Salt Wall for Reiki and Yoga

In a spa center, wellness center, or any other health facility, a pink Himalayan salt wall can easily be added for conducting Reiki and yoga sessions on a

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regular basis. In a separate well-lit room with an adequate ceiling and ventilation facility, the salt therapy expert can begin the meditative treatments by installing a pink Himalayan salt wall. Reiki therapy is administered by laying one’s hands on the individual where the healing energy flows from the practitioner’s hand to the person’s body calming his nerves and muscles. The individual has to lie on the table during the therapy inside a Himalayan salt room where the expert hands of the therapist and the warm light emitting from the salt wall significantly contribute to relieving his stress by destroying all the negative energy inside the therapy room. Each Reiki session takes about an hour at maximum giving quick relief to the individual’s body from physical fatigue and mental frustration.

Similarly, yoga sessions can be conducted inside a salt room with having an in-

Yoga in a salt wall room - Himalayan Salterz

built Himalayan salt wall to provide relaxation and relief from physical tension and psychological ailments. The therapist can guide the individuals about different yoga poses and exercises to calm their nerves and improve their physical strength. The negative ions generated from the pink Himalayan salt wall play a vital role in canceling the harmful effects of positive ions by cleansing the air and providing immediate relaxation to the individual.

Benefits of Reiki and Yoga Therapies

Both Reiki and yoga therapies greatly assist an individual in getting instant relief and relaxation from stress, tension, and frustration using the backlit pink Himalayan salt wall. Some of the major benefits of Reiki and yoga are explained below in detail:

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  • Create deep relaxation by aiding the body of an individual to release mental stress
  • Help in sleeping better at night by regularizing the daily sleep-wake cycle of a person
  • Assist in relieving persistent and fatal body pain
  • Decrease and regulate the blood pressure of an individual
  • Provide instant relief from acute and sudden injuries or wounds and other dangerous diseases like eczema, migraine, severe headache, and asthma
  • Detoxify the body of a person by cleansing it from harmful chemicals
  • Improves one’s immune system by increasing the number of white blood cells in the body
  • Slow down the aging process of an individual by making the skin wrinkle free
  • Help in spiritual growth and emotional cleansing of the body
  • Provide balance and harmony to the body by improving the functions of endocrine glands
  • Accelerate the self-healing ability of one’s body
  • These benefits play a significant role in making Reiki and yoga sessions memorable and enjoyable having everlasting effects without causing any serious or harmful side effects to the body.
salt wall for reiki therapy - Himalayan Salterz

    In today’s busy and stressful life, the importance of relaxation therapies and techniques cannot be denied. Due to this fact, Reiki and yoga therapies are constantly gaining immense popularity among individuals persuading spa centers, massage salons, and wellness clinics to introduce salt therapy sessions in their facilities by adding a pink Himalayan salt wall. If you or your family members easily get tired and frustrated after a hectic routine, you should visit your nearest meditation center immediately to enjoy a relaxing and soothing Reiki or yoga session inside a pink Himalayan salt room for leading a well-balanced and healthy life.

    How to Add a wall of salt bricks to the Spa?

    Addition of salt wall is not a difficult task. You just need to install salt bricks in a

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    room. You need to choose a room in which you want to build salt wall with salt bricks. If the salt wall height is more than 4-5 feet then you should buy 2” thick salt bricks. But if your wall is smaller then 1” thick salt brick is good choice. There is no major difference between both of them except thickness. Start building your aesthetic salt wall just 6” away from the regular wall. Once all the Himalayan Salt Bricks would be installed then put the backlit. It could be in any color, but the most common color is yellow. As the lights will be installed behind the salt wall and will glow. You will see the beauty of salt bricks.

    Himalayan Salt Bricks emit negative ions and cancel out the harmful toxins. These unique bricks maintains pH level of human being and improve the immune system. This is the reason yoga and Reiki therapy is good to be performed in salt room. 

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