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salt wall and sinusitis

Salt Bricks for Wall and Sinusitis

Sinusitis is the inflammation and infection of sinuses caused by viruses, bacteria, and air irritants. This results in accumulation of mucus and secretions inside the nasal passages. This accumulation gives bacteria and viruses a perfect ground to multiply and thrive:; thus increasing inflammation. People suffering from sinusitis suffer from stuffy red nose and throbbing headache. Sometimes, they also report thick nasal discharge which can be yellow, green or blood tinged. People may suffer from breathing difficulty, cough and tiredness. Chronic sinusitis may result in formation of nasal polyp and subsequently decreased sense of smell and taste.

It is needless to say that salt walls are not only a source of beauty and relaxation in today’s environment, but are also a source of fighting against many infections and allergies. The negative ions released by a pre-warmed and hydrated salt causes a decrease in microorganisms. They help clean air by reducing pollutants and irritants. That is why people suffering from allergies are extremely benefited by this discovery. Salt walls are equally effective in treating many respiratory and skin infections. They treat eczema, psoriasis, skin allergies, and fungal infections. Many respiratory illnesses are treated by salt wall therapy, namely, cough, asthma, rhinitis, bronchitis and sinusitis. It is particularly helpful in treating sinusitis. A salt room provides salt particles dispersed in air which, when inhaled, help in clearing out mucus. They widen the nasal passages and clear the pathway of bacteria, toxins and pollutants. They cause vasoconstriction; thus, reducing edema and inflammation. As a result, there is reduction in stuffy nose and people can breathe easily. Moreover, it also prevents future attacks by strengthening the immune system.

Cause and treatment

Due to increase in pollution and electromagnetic smog, there is a marked increase in allergens, air pollutants, and microorganisms. This results in increasing number of allergic and infective sinusitis cases. Most doctors give nasal decongestants, anti-allergy or anti-inflammatory drugs. Antibiotics are also prescribed in some cases. Conventional medication provides a temporary relief and they should be continued for a longer period of time or probably till the end of allergic season. With the traditional medication, come many unwanted side effects as well.

Salt wall therapy for sinusitis

Himalayan salt bricks are used to construct a salt wall. These salt bricks are crafted with Himalayan pink rock salt. This is why, salt wall health advantages come from salt bricks. Salt wall therapy or halotherapy is gaining popularity for the treatment of inflamed sinuses. It was already in use in Eastern Europe where people used to visit salt caves for many ailments. Breathing in the fresh, salty air can cure a number of health illnesses. Now it is gaining popularity in America and other parts of the world owing to its innumerable benefits for body and soul.

Types of halotherapy

There are two types.

  • Wet halotherapy

Wet halotherapy is an easy form of salt therapy in which salty water is used to clear out nasal passages. It can easily be performed at home. All you have to do is make warm saline water and do gargles or use a nasal wash or nasal spray to cure sinusitis. This method is very handy but unfortunately it gives temporary respite because the nasal passages and air way is not cleared simply by using salt water. Moreover, the swelling of nasal area does not subside by it.

  • Dry halotherapy

Dry salt therapy uses a halogenerator to disperse micro salt particles in air. These salt particles are loaded with negative ions which help in clearing stuffy nose. They not only decrease mucus production but also clear nasal passages from bacteria and viruses by increasing movement of cilia.

Breathing in an environment surrounded by salt wall built with salt bricks helps relieve many respiratory ailments like cough, asthma, allergy, and sinusitis. Salt walls, when exposed to heat and moisture, release negative ions. These ions help clean air of pollutants and allergens. These ions get lodged inside the nasal passages and help clear mucus from air way, relieve vasoconstriction and edema, hence helpful in treating stuffy nose. It also helps in curing postural headaches due to sinusitis. Salt wall has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Therefore, it cleans atmosphere of microorganisms and helps in healing the body. It also strengthens immune system, increases lung capacity, and cure cold and flu.

why-you-need-himalayan-salt-therapy_cinzia-blog- Himalayan Salterz

Mechanism of action of salt therapy

These salt particles enter the nasal passages and draw out fluid which causes clearance of mucus. They reduce edema and nasal swelling; giving relief from nasal blockage. Thus, nasal passage gets wide and sinuses drain easily into nasal passages. They increase movement of nasal cilia which help clearing out air way, nose and sinuses. Thus, patient gets relief from stuffy blocked nose. Regularly using salt therapy reduces medicine dependence. A session of 30-45 minutes twice or thrice weekly is enough for patients suffering from sinusitis. For patients suffering from chronic or seasonal sinusitis, therapy sessions should persist for 6 to 12 months. Patients usually respond well to the salt therapy and many positive comments and recommendations are reported in this regard.

Salt room

A salt room is made of salt walls and a salt roof. Floor is composed of salt grains. Salt walls are made of pure Himalayan salt obtained from the majestic mountains of Himalaya. This pure Himalayan salt offers a lot of benefits to health. Not only these salt walls add aesthetic beauty to the surroundings, but also provide a refreshing environment. In addition to salt walls, there are also salt lamps present in salt room and all the surroundings are covered with a thin layer of salt dust. This salt dust is inhaled via lungs which cure sinusitis. Many other respiratory diseases like asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, and seasonal allergies are also cured by salt room therapy.

salt wall

It is recommended to not only use salt therapy in case of infection or inflammation but also in healthy days because this prevents further infection. Preventive therapy includes taking sessions once or twice monthly. However, the people who frequently get infected with sinusitis, salt therapy is recommended once weekly. Many people reported that they are breathing effectively after salt therapy. Some say that they sleep like a baby after therapy, as it relieves depression and anxiety.

What does Himalayan salt bricks do?

Because of its ability to radiate the body with relaxation from the salt source, pink Himalayan salt bricks are often used in saunas for maximum relaxation. The two most popular therapeutic use of salt bricks nowadays are as wall tiles and sauna heaters. These pink Himalayan salt bricks are highly favored all over the globe because to their calming and relaxing properties, which help one rid themselves of harmful microorganisms. Kidney stones, asthma, heart attacks, and anxiety problems are just few of the ailments that may be avoided with the use of these salt bricks. This is why bricks made of pink Himalayan salt have exploded in popularity all over the world. As a result, pink salt bricks are now able to cure any and all health issues.

salt bricks

Inhaling air containing microscopic salt particles, as in halotherapy (salt therapy), has been shown to improve breathing, blood circulation, and heart disease. Himalayan salt bricks are used for this purpose. When utilized in a spa setting, salt bricks have the added benefit of promoting deep relaxation. Pink Himalayan salt bricks' two primary advantages are:

  • Building a salt wall out of salt bricks has been shown to calm people down who are experiencing stress due to conditions as varied as asthma, bronchitis, renal illness, heart attack, and depression.
  • The practice of using salt bricks in a salt chamber to achieve mental and bodily calm.

Salt therapy in sinusitis

In case of sinusitis, salt therapy helps in:

  • Reducing contamination of sinuses
  • Eliminating nasal blockage
  • Reducing vacuum in the nasal passages which is causing sinus ache and headache
  • Salt particles reach deepest parts of nasal and sinus cavities and help to clear excessive mucus in less time
  • It also helps to flush out allergens, toxins, and chemicals from the nasal pathway
  • It will cause vasoconstriction and decrease the release of histamine which in turn reduces swelling and edema.
  • Clears and widens nasal passages and sinus cavities
  • Kills bacteria and viruses; thus, reducing infection and inflammation
  • It enhances immune system and strengthens body’s self-defense against infections
  • Prevents future attacks
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