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salt wall addition to the business - Himalayan Salterz

How salt wall addition is good for my business?

A few years ago the world came to know about amazing benefits of Himalayan salt. This is the purest form of salt found on Earth. Surrounded by the majestic mountains of Himalayas, this salt range is formed 200 years ago, when an ancient sea evaporated, leaving behind salt reserves. This form of salt provides amazing health benefits that it is not only replacing common table salt in diet but is now being transformed into a number of products like salt blocks, walls, lamps, platters, and candle stands.

Himalayan salt wall

Salt wall is made with salt bricks put together by a special grout. These salt walls are now seen in many spas, offices, wellness centers, and homes. Recently, many wellness centers are offering salt therapy which is proving beneficial for many health conditions. It is a well-known fact that health is the actual wealth. Hence, the need of spas and wellness centers is increasing day by day. People now a days prefer to visit these centers for physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. That is why installing a salt wall in spa center can help clients become more content, groomed and calm.

Himalayan salt wall

How salt wall boosts business?

Recent studies have shown that adding salt wall to your wellness centers or spas immediately boosts your business. This is because salt wall:

  • salt wall
    Serves as a focal point of the room
  • A custom made salt wall with a backlight serves as a mood enhancer, draws attention and gives character and quality to the room
  • Calms nerves and reduce anxiety
  • Improves client’s mood
  • Helps in improving psychological and physical health of regular members
  • Improves aesthetics of a spa center
  • Attracts clients to your center
  • Cures depression
  • Treats headaches and improves sleep
  • Energizes and refreshes clients and better prepare them for a tough day ahead
  • Creates a beautiful health sanctuary with its 84 natural minerals
  • Transforms your place into an exquisite venue
  • Can be used as a magnificent art piece
  • Creates a bold statement and transform your place into a stunning experience for guests
  • Provides an earthy and tranquil atmosphere for the clients
  • Revitalizes and unwinds customers from normal and modern life
  • Gives a feeling of safety and protection
  • Provides a safe environment for restorative and recuperative therapy.

Due to these reasons, many spa centers are now replacing regular walls with backlit and glowing salt walls which provide reasonable and affordable salt treatment. As a result, spa business is flourishing at an exponential rate.

How salt bricks are installed to build salt wall?

salt bricks

Constructing a salt wall inside spa is easy. You only need a suitable closed place with a fixed ceiling and a proper ventilation system. Whole salt wall can be constructed or salt panels can be installed in an already formed cement wall. A proper place for halogenerator should be present. There are some simple steps which can be followed to make a salt wall.

  • First of all, a proper place should be selected for installment of salt wall. The place should have firm base and a fixed ceiling.
  • Purchase salt bricks according to the length and diameter of wall. These bricks are then placed upon one another. Special grout is used to join them together.
  • Once the wall is made, a back light should be installed which gives it a nice orange glow. This backlight also provides enough heat to help generate negative ions from wall.
  • Salt wall should be made in an area which is away from water source because moisture and humidity can damage them.
  • Salt bricks should be used which are formed from purest Himalayan pink salt. Only these walls offer sustainability and health benefits.
  • Salt wall can be refined and polished which give them a more streamlined or modern look or they can be kept rough or natural which give them a rustic look.
  • Wooden beams of Cedar can be installed which make them look like a salt cave.
  • Floor of the room is made from large grain pink granulated Himalayan salt to give more robust and authentic experience.
  • Simple salt brick pathway with illuminating lights can also be installed for visual appeal or used as a pavement for wheelchair.
  • Salt detox trays can be added for foot detox giving an additional benefit to customers.
  • Salt benches can be made with illuminating light to enhance experience.
  • The backlight of salt walls can be made customized as to dim the light per person’s interest to make surroundings more calm and peaceful.

How salt wall is used for therapy?

  • A separate salt room or cabin can be made for clients to provide individualized sessions. This salt room on contacting with humidity and heat produces negative ions which purify air. This helps in treating many skin and respiratory allergies. It boosts people’s health and energize them after a long and hectic day.
  • If your budget is low, you can install a separate salt wall or salt panels in already made rooms. It not only looks appeasing to eyes but gives a calm and peaceful feeling as well.
  • Unused rooms can be made into salt therapy rooms to attract customers. You can install customized salt bricks in an already installed brick wall. It gives your room an eye-catching look.
  • Salt walls can be placed as dividers for work stations or as a beautiful art work in the reception area. They look appealing to the eyes and increase work performance of employers.
salt therapy

    Health benefits of salt wall

    When Himalayan salt wall comes in contact with warmth and moisture, it releases negative ions in the atmosphere. These negative ions are then responsible for providing a number of benefits.

    • Relieve anxiety and depression
    • Reduce indoor pollution
    • Decrease bacteria and germs from air
    • Breathing in pure air helps in breaking mucus, improves movement of cilia, decreases inflammation, and fight infections
    • Treat cough, rhinitis, sinusitis, and many respiratory allergies
    • Cures asthma, COPD
    • Treat skin allergies, eczema, and fungal infections
    • Minerals present in salt wall get absorbed through skin which help make bones and teeth strong.
    • Enhance microcirculation in skin increasing healing
    • Boosts appetite
    • Releases toxins from body
    • Warm and soothing air relaxes tightened muscles and relieves aches and pains
    Salt wall is gaining popularity due to their enhanced health effects. They are now becoming a part and parcel of every sauna, spa, office or home. Installing salt wall is very easy. You can make a whole new salt wall made of Himalayan salt bricks or salt panels can be installed in an already formed wall. Large salt grains can be used to make floors of saunas. This gives an impression of visiting a salt cave close to nature. Clients visiting salt rooms can benefit from their numerous advantages. A new form of therapy has become famous for conventional diseases. This is called salt therapy. In this form of therapy, small salt particles are released into air which when inhaled clear air ways treating many respiratory problems. These salt particles purify air of pollutants and irritants treating many allergies. Salt walls or salt rooms have become a source of enhancing one’s business because they give an aesthetic appeal and artistic look to whole area. This attracts customers giving them an incredible and unforgettable experience never felt before.
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