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Himalayan Salt Wall in Spa - Himalayan Salterz

Install Salt Bricks for Wall into Your Salon or Spa

In today’s life, everyone has health concerns. People are moving towards health facilities. In this decade the customer count moving toward the health spa is increased. Himalayan Pink Salt has many health benefits in it. This is why Spa owners are now installing Himalayan Salt Bricks in their salons or Spa to build a salt wall or a salt wall panel.

Improve your business by adding Salt Wall

You may simply extend your salon or spa company to incorporate Salt Therapy. Which is often known as Halotherapy. Salt Therapy is the process of spending time and relaxing the body in a Himalayan salt room while breathing in micronized salt particles, thought to have tremendous health benefits.

why-you-need-himalayan-salt-therapy_cinzia-blog- Himalayan Salterz

In North America, the practice is still relatively new. At the same time, there are a few independent salt therapy salt rooms in Canada and the United States. Many spa owners are now offering salt therapy by installing a salt wall into their existing business as an extra health service. Massage, Reiki, Yoga, Reflexology, skin and nail care are just a few of the activities that may be coupled with salt therapy by providing the service within a Himalayan salt room. Indeed, salt therapy may be a profitable and cost-effective addition to any business that provides holistic health services.

Requirements for a Salt Room

It is quite straightforward to add salt therapy into your practice. A closed room can easily be transformed into a salt room. However, there are certain fundamental requirements: the room must have a stable ceiling and enough ventilation. There is just a need to build a salt wall in a room. Buy some salt bricks according to the coverage area and build a salt wall about 6" away from the regular wall. Install the backlit behind the salt wall. Once the salt wall is installed, you would be amazed. If you have a spare room in your current business, you can transform it into a salt room.

Does it worth it?

Salt therapy is a simple health benefits providing practice that can easily be marketed to clients. It is inexpensive for any budget. And it is even covered by most insurance plans and employment perks. Based on the size of your facility and the number of people you can accommodate, the rate you may charge each session can range from $15 to $60. Sessions might last 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes. It can also be used as a pre-or post-massage treatment, or as part of a customized package with additional treatments.

Most customers say that they have recouped their initial investment within a year after establishing their new salt room. It is very important to consider your return on investment while developing a salt room. In this post, we will look at some instances of the ROI and possible income for a salt treatment firm.

The Salt Room vs. the Salt Cave

Both are functionally identical and simply differ in appearance. A salt room has a sleek, modern style and is excellent for smaller rooms around 200 square feet. Smooth Himalayan salt bricks and tiles adorn the walls, with natural ambient illumination, and an illuminated sleek wood and salt tile combination is used for the ceiling.

Himalayan Salt Cave - Himalayan Salterz

A salt cave is a bigger space (200 square feet or more) that can accommodate enormous Himalayan salt boulders on the walls and rustic wooden beams throughout. The salt bricks on the walls and pillars have a rough natural texture. The ceiling is inspired by authentic European salt mines and features a natural stalactite finish with fiber-optic lights throughout. Intermittent backlighting is used on the walls and pillars.

Design your own Salt Wall

You can design your own salt wall even at your home or office. Building a salt wall is very simple. You first need to choose a place where you want to build a salt wall and the coverage area too. After calculating the coverage area you need to buy Salt Bricks and Salt Adhesive to connect the salt bricks. You should find wholesale salt bricks to save your money. After this procurement, you would need to hire a builder who will build a salt wall. He will use salt adhesive on salt bricks and this will take about 16-18 hours to dry. Once it will dry and you will install the backlit behind the salt wall, you will have an alluring look of salt wall.

Himalayan Salt Wall - Himalayan Saltez

If you add salt wall in your existing spa or salon, it will attract more customers. Because salt bricks emit negative ions and purify air quality, this makes an healthy environment. When anyone spends little time in healthy environment, there are many impacts on human body. But you can build it in you bedroom too. This will make your night amazing. You would have a quality sleep and your libido would be increased.

Why Himalayan Salt Bricks are important?

Himalayan Salt Bricks have many health benefits. Because we craft it with

Salt Bricks for wall

Himalayan Pink Salt. Himalayan Salt Bricks generate certain ions and this cause air purification. Salt Bricks improve libido as we mentioned above. The salty air due to Himalayan Salt Bricks balances pH level. Along with all these health benefits, salt bricks are good for the asthma patients. It clears the inner linings of lungs that strengthen them to combat with different diseases. People suffering from allergies, must take salt therapy regularly. This will build strong lungs and will remove unwanted particles from the respiratory tract. So, whoever is bothered with allergies, he must take salt sessions to cure.

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