How Salt Wall Addition can Help Spa Business?

It is now revealed through recent studies and experiments that adding a pink Himalayan salt wall inside a spa center plays a vital role in boosting the spa business as it calms the nerves of a person, enhances one’s mood, improves the physical and psychological health of regular clients, and increases the aesthetic appeal of the spa center. For these reasons, a majority of spa owners and salon makers are now turning their ordinary massage centers into attractive therapeutic centers by installing Himalayan salt walls inside them for doing feasible, inexpensive, and reliable salt therapies. Hence, the popularity and demand of spa centers have increased manifold over the past few years persuading more and more people to rush to their nearest spas and salons to enjoy both salt therapy and personal grooming sessions in one place.

Salt Wall

It is an irrefutable fact that health is the true wealth and nobody can compromise on a sound body and mind. For this reason, a majority of individuals adopt different means and ways to look healthy and energetic throughout their lives. With the immense popularity of spas and salons during the last few years, they have gained the status of famous health facilities grooming and treating people both physically and mentally. In this regard, the installation or addition of pink Himalayan salt wall within a spa center plays a vital role in keeping the clients satisfied, relaxed, and well-groomed.

How to add a Salt Wall Room in Spa Center?

The salt wall is regarded as an add-on feature in a spa center serving as a

Himalayan Salt Wall

beautiful focal point of the vicinity. It is very easy to add or install a salt wall in a spa center as any closed room having a fixed ceiling, an adequate ventilation system, and a proper installation place for a halogenerator can be transformed into a salt room or cave. The process of adding a Himalayan salt wall inside a spa center is given below:

  • Reserve a spare closed room for installing a salt wall in your spa center.
  • Buy some salt bricks for the wall depending upon the coverage area of the room.
  • Build a salt wall about 6 inches away from your regular wall.
  • Install the backlit behind the newly-built pink Himalayan salt wall.

    Choosing the best Himalayan Salt Bricks

    When you have decided that you are going to add a salt wall to your Spa facility. Then you need to choose which salt bricks to use for salt wall construction.

    Himalayan Salt Bricks

    There are different dimensions of salt bricks are available. But the standard dimensions are 8” x 4” x 2” and 8” x 4” x 1”. Certainly there are many other dimensions of salt bricks are available at our store. But these are the most commonly used and best choices. Now which thickness of salt bricks would be suitable for you? this is another question. And the answer is, if your salt wall has a height above 4-5 feet then you should use 2” thick salt bricks. But if your wall height is lesser, then you can use 1” thick. There is only one difference between these dimensions, and this is thickness. Every property of salt bricks is the same except the thickness. For 2” salt bricks, there would be better stability of the salt wall, this is why people tend to utilize 2” thick salt bricks for salt wall construction.

    How to utilize Salt Wall for Therapy in Spas?

    Generally, there are three different ways in which salt walls can assist in salt therapy within spa centers and salons. These helpful ways are explained below in detail:

    • A spa center can add a Himalayan salt wall in the entire room or build a separate salt booth, salt cabin, or salt bed to enable 15 to 20 minutes personalized therapy sessions for its clients for improving their health and enhancing their mood.
    • A separate pink Himalayan salt wall or salt panel can also be added in a spa center to improve its décor which greatly contributes to improving the health and well-being of the customers despite having minimal benefits.
    • In the same manner, the underutilized rooms in spa centers can be converted into salt therapy rooms to improve the experience of the visitors. In this regard, customized salt bricks can be added to the simple Himalayan salt wall to give the salt treatment room an aesthetic and attractive look.
    • This pink Himalayan salt wall inside a spa center constantly generates negative ions and particles to cancel the harmful effects of positive ions present inside the spa room. Moreover, it cleanses the surrounding air by removing bacteria and allergens to provide the clients with a soothing experience.

    Benefits of Salt Wall in Boosting Spa Business

    It is now revealed and proved through a number of various authentic and credible research studies and experiments that a pink Himalayan salt wall added within a spa center significantly contributes to boosting the spa business by improving the mood of the visitors, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the spa center, and keeping the regular clients physically and psychologically healthy which in turn persuade the clients to visit the spa center again and again by spending a lucrative amount of money.

    • Each Himalayan salt wall is built inside a separate salt room to provide the clients the feeling of warmth and comfort by relaxing their stressed nerves and changing their annoyed mood into a pleasant and satisfied one.
    • Moreover, the illuminated and customized pink Himalayan salt wall in the spa center not only draws the attention of the customers. But also improves the aesthetic look of the spa by increasing its beauty and character.
    • Likewise, one of the most significant profitable advantages of a pink Himalayan salt wall inside a spa center is related to the health of an individual where the negative ions generated from the salt wall play a key role in reducing stress, persistent pain, chronic heart ailments, and fatal respiratory issues of the patients visiting spa centers on regular basis. 
    Himalayan Salt Wall

    The above-mentioned benefits of adding a pink Himalayan salt wall inside a spa center have greatly assisted in the flourishing spa business during the last few years by encouraging clients and customers from all across the globe to spend their wealth on salt therapies by visiting spa centers on regular basis.

    Spa centers and salons are the need of the day due to their increasing popularity among people who cannot find time to groom themselves in their homes. Because of their busy routine. Therefore, it is indeed a wonderful idea to introduce helpful therapy sessions in spas by adding a pink Himalayan salt wall inside the spa center. This addition not only helps in boosting the spa business. But also keeps the clients healthy, happy, and satisfied with their grooming without spending a hefty amount of income on hospitals or expensive therapeutic centers. If you or your loved one wants to improve your physical and mental health besides grooming and beautifying your appearance, do not run wildly here and there and visit your nearest spa center at the earliest to enjoy a memorable and unforgettable experience of your life. 

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