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Himalayan salt for asthma - Himalayan Salterz

Himalayan Salt Wall to cure Asthma

Himalayan Salt is the most authentic and natural salt available because it has absolutely no toxins, contaminants, or chemicals assorted in it. It contains the 84 essential minerals in the human body, from which only 2% of them are used in giving them the pink hue, all of which can be easily absorbed by the cells in the human body. The old way of treating respiratory disorders, such as asthma was to sit in the salt cave and inhaling the salty air. This helped in clearing the airways and improve breathing. The therapeutic effect of the cave contributes to the activation of metabolic processes in the body, an increase of oxygen consumption by tissues, improving respiratory functions and healing chronic diseases at the same time. This process of salt therapy is called speleotherapy. One of the modern ways to treat respiratory disorders nowadays is known as halotherapy in which Halo Generator is used.

Halotherapy as a Salt Therapy 

Halotherapy is an alternative meditation that involves breathing in salty air to treat diseases like asthma, chronic bronchitis, and allergies. They also help treat some skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, and eczema. And some smoke-related symptoms like dust allergy, wheezing, cough, and shortness of breath. And it is also believed that it can treat mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Halotherapy sessions are held in such room where salt wall are installed with salt blocks and salt bricks. These sessions usually take up to 30-45 minutes a day for at least 3-4 weeks for the best results. The pus and allergens in our air passage of lungs, the negative ions released by Himalayan salt Wall, kill those allergens and clear the respiratory tract so that you can tell people with asthma could breathe smoothly.

Asthma is a disease that cannot be cured 100%, but its symptoms can be cured if you treat it regularly. Doctors believe that asthma treatments are so effective that people with this disability have complete control over there disease. Asthma treatment for younger people tends to affect more than older people. In an asthma condition, the airways of the lungs swollen and narrow with mucus making it hard for the patient to breathe. Breathing in the salty air absorbs the irritants, dust particles, toxins and allergens from the respiratory tract and helps clean the mucus making it simple for the asthma patient to breathe with ease and clarity. If asthma stays active, the walls of the respiratory tract can become thicker. This is the reason why asthma should be treated as soon as it is diagnosed. Following the doctor’s medical prescription regularly and keeping Himalayan Salt Products in your home can help prevent your asthma from getting worse and help to keep your lungs safe.

What does Himalayan Salt Wall do?

The addition of Himalayan salt wall in a Health facility or even in a Home gives really amazing health benefits. Himalayan salt bricks are used to build salt wall. These Himalayan salt bricks are crafted from pink rock salt. As we have discussed that what Himalayan Pink Salt does do. Himalayan salt bricks emit negative ions that cancel out positive ions. This is why salt wall is considered as air purifier. Himalayan salt wall develops healthy environment by generating certain ions. As this salty air goes into respiratory tract, it clears and removes the unwanted particles from the bronchi and make it stronger. It clears inner linings of Lungs that build stronger Lungs.

why-you-need-himalayan-salt-therapy_cinzia-blog- Himalayan Salterz

People frequently go to great lengths to decorate and renovate their personal spaces in order to impress their guests or customers and improve their health. As a result, many people are abandoning traditional methods of renewing their homes, spas, and businesses in favor of installing pink Himalayan salt walls. Salt wall interior is recognized as one of the greatest, most practicable, and least expensive decorating techniques for giving one's living spaces a new and appealing appearance. The Himalayan salt wall has been the favored option of people for home, business, club, spa, salon, and restaurant decorating and restoration due to its durability and permanence.

How to Build a Salt Wall?

Salt wall building has grown in favor among individuals as a decorative interior of houses, offices, and spa centers in the competitive twenty-first century. A salt wall is an emerging trend in home design due to its relaxing nature and air purifying properties. To give a normal Himalayan salt wall (1 inch thick, 4 inches tall, and 8 inches wide) a long-lasting touch, builders typically employ non-toxic epoxy glue, acrylic backing, and non-toxic caulk.

Himalayan Salt Wall with bricks - Himalayan Salterz

The Himalayan salt wall is available in both pink and white colored bricks, which are erected within houses and clubs according on the tenants' and owners' preferences. The following considerations must be made before constructing a Himalayan salt wall:

  • If you want to put a salt wall in your home, first make the area rain, water, and humidity resistant, as excess moisture may quickly ruin the salt wall.
  • To avoid last-minute surprises, always plan the salt wall with your budget and personal preferences in mind.
  • Install a lighting system for your salt wall to keep it warm and dry.

Benefits of Building a Himalayan Salt Wall

Pink Himalayan salt walls are commonly used to modify living areas such as residences, workplaces, spas, salons, and hotels due to the following advantages:

  • The salt wall enhances the appearance of your space.
  • By calming the nerves, it provides relaxation and a soothing effect.
  • It is extremely advantageous to one's health since it includes 84 different minerals that are healthy to the human body.
  • It protects you and keeps you from getting respiratory, cardiac, or intestinal problems.
  • It removes pollutants and microorganisms from the air by emitting negative ions.
  • It is thought to provide a quick solution for chronic pain and headaches.
  • It helps you breathe better by purifying the air around you.

These benefits play a significant part in making salt wall interiors the primary choice of consumers for home and workplace refurbishment.

Installation of Salt Bricks for Wall of Your Salon or Spa

salt bricks

Everyone nowadays is concerned about their health. People are flocking to health care institutions. Customers are flocking to health spas in greater numbers in this decade. Himalayan Pink Salt offers several health advantages. This is why spa owners are placing Himalayan Salt Bricks in their salons and spas to create a salt wall or a salt wall panel.

Add Salt Wall to your Health Facility to improve it

You may simply expand your salon or spa business to include Salt Therapy. This is commonly referred to as Halotherapy. Salt Therapy is the practice of resting in a Himalayan salt chamber while breathing in micronized salt particles, which is claimed to offer several health advantages.

The practice is still relatively new in North America. Meanwhile, a few autonomous salt treatment salt rooms exist in Canada and the United States. Several spa operators are now offering salt therapy as an additional health service by incorporating a salt wall into their existing company. Massage, Reiki, Yoga, Reflexology, skin and nail care are just a few of the activities that may be combined with salt treatment when performed in a Himalayan salt room. Therefore, salt treatment might be a successful and cost-effective addition to any holistic health-care firm.

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