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Himalayan salt wall with bricks - Himalayan Salterz

How Wellness Centers Can Use Himalayan Salt Wall for Healing Purposes

Himalayan pink salt is famous all over the world for its uncountable therapeutic and meditating purposes. It has extraordinary abilities of purifying the air, making the surroundings, bacteria-free and soothing, maintaining the room temperature and much more. For the very reason it has been using to make various handy products and a curing element for wellness centers. Let’s dig deep into how wellness centers can use Himalayan salt. 

Himalayan salt wall

Wellness centers are usually those facilities that provide health services for not only body but mind as well. Himalayan salt is proved to be one of the best elements for them as its healing abilities are beneficial for both body and mind. They can use it by building well-known Himalayan salt wall. The salt wall design salt room that is an exclusively designed Himalayan pink salt induced space which is proved to cure skin and respiratory diseases and also a great meditation spot. People also call it salt heaven as that’s what they make people feel in just one visit. There is no doubt in the fact that Himalayan pink salt has taken over the world for its healing powers and sustainability.

These two exact properties are being used in the salt rooms which make them stand out in the lost list of other therapeutic spaces. The great healing powers of the Himalayan pink salt were accidentally discovered by common people and soldiers (through their wounded horses) when they spent time in the Himalayan pink salt caves. They discussed it with the healers of that time and the raw concept came into being that Himalayan pink salt soothes the environment and makes the surroundings bacteria-free.

People with respiratory diseases especially asthma started getting better after spending time in the Himalayan pink salt caves and that’s how people started believing in the healing powers of the salt. After the revolutionary times came, doctors did proper experiments and it was confirmed that Himalayan pink salt emits certain ions in the surroundings which cancel the harmful effect of the stranded ions in the surrounding emitted by various appliances. This discovery led to the first ever proper Salt Room to be built in Poland with Himalayan salt bricks and tiles.

Now, Himalayan pink salt wall are almost all over the world and they are used to treat various respiratory diseases like chronic bronchitis, asthma, hay fever, various ear infections, chest tightness, bronchiectatic disease, smoker's cough etc.

Moreover, people love to meditate with salt wall and that’s why there are separate compartments in many salt rooms exclusively for the people to meditate. 

Backlit installation behind Himalayan Salt Bricks

Himalayan salt bricks pass the light and gives an alluring look. Backlighting a salt bricks can be accomplished in a variety of ways. However, it is dependent on the desired aesthetic and the electrical capabilities of the planned site. Again, the salt wall is a wholly bespoke project, and light rope, track lighting, tube lighting, and other lighting techniques were employed to backlight the salt brick buildings. It is crucial to note, however, that optimal air ionization occurs only when the salt is exposed to heat; consequently, in order to benefit from the salt's air cleaning benefits, the lighting used to illuminate the wall must provide heat.

why-you-need-himalayan-salt-therapy_cinzia-blog- Himalayan Salterz

Rope lighting may be preferable if placing a light feature is not practical or desirable, and it also provides the option to simply change or switch lights when needed. This approach is fantastic for adding colorful lights behind a salt wall for special events and replacing it with regular lighting the rest of the time; but, it may not offer adequate heat or optimal ionization effects

Lighting that can be easily plugged into an outlet near the salt wall is typically preferred to minimize the requirement for light fixture installation, which usually necessitates the services of an electrician. Lighting that has to be installed is also popular for backlighting salt walls and salt features since it allows you to light the salt wall with the flick of a switch and also allows you to employ lighting elements that can be muted or brightened to varied degrees. Both of these illumination choices may include heat-producing bulbs for optimal air ionization.

Himalayan Salt Bricks for footsore 

There are many uses of salt bricks, but utilization for feet is an amazing usage

salt bricks for feet

style. Foot therapy helps in relaxation and in the relief of depression. Once you are done with salt foot therapy, it will give you an amazing feeling. Himalayan salt bricks are specially used for the footsore. You just need to put 2 salt bricks in the oven, and warm them. Once salt bricks are heated, put your feet on it. After few minutes you will feel enjoying.

Himalayan Salt Brick for Feet aids in the removal of toxins and impurities from the body. The Himalayan salt has antibacterial, antiseptic, hypoallergenic, and ionic properties. This salt brick not only detoxifies the body, but it also softens the skin, and its warmth relieves tension and promotes relaxation after a long day. It is also claimed to be beneficial for edema.

Himalayan Salt Brick for Feet has both cosmetic and therapeutic advantages for the skin, particularly for the feet and hands. It's an excellent general relaxant after a long day at the workplace or a rigorous sport or exercise program. It has a wide range of applications and may be tailored to specific therapeutic and cosmetic activities such as foot cleansing, reflexology, manicures, pedicures, sports treatment, arthritic hand diseases, and so on.

How Do You Use Himalayan Salt Brick on Your Feet?

  • Simply microwave each brick for approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds or bake at 250 degrees for about 7 minutes.
  • Before applying your feet, make careful to touch the bricks to ensure that they are a comfortable temperature; the basic rule of thumb is that they are considerably heated, but not too hot to tolerate.
  • Then, lay one foot on each brick and sit for at least 20 minutes with your feet on the bricks. You may stand on these bricks for up to an hour and reheat as required.
  • Simply wipe down with a moist towel to clean.
  • If you wish to put lotion or oil on your feet, please follow these steps:
  • Rest on the Detoxification bricks for 15-30 minutes after applying a high quality lotion or oil such as Jojoba or Coconut on your feet or hands. Individual therapy for each foot may be required if both feet do not fit comfortably on the Detoxification salt bricks.
  • The therapeutic effects of these treatments can be enhanced by covering hands or feet with a slightly wet thin cloth or towel.
  • Essential oils like rosemary, lavender, and chamomile are excellent for both the feet and the hands. To improve the impact, use lotions or creams containing these substances or a few drops of pure essential oil.

Experts say that if your feet are in comfortable zone, your entire body will feel relaxation. In today’s busy life everyone wants a healthy and comfortable life that’s free from depression. This is why we have introduced Himalayan salt bricks for feet. Now you can perform salt feet therapy at your home or even office.

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