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Himalayan Salt Bricks Wall for Chromotherapy

Himalayan Salt Bricks Wall for Chromotherapy

Himalayan Salt Bricks are such salt products that can give various psychological and physical benefits. But when the light lits behind them, they are more health beneficial. Setting the lights behind the salt bricks wall creates a chromotherapy effect. Lights matter for chromotherapy. So the lights play an important role in chromotherapy. For example, red ray helps for the following psychological effects:

  • Relaxes and gives relief from anxiety.
  • Imparts energy to weary.
  • Helps with insomnia.
  • Builds your love relationship.

Himalayan Salt Bricks emit negative ions and promote a healthy environment. Like it purifies air quality by canceling out the positive ions generated by different materials present in the room. It helps to boost the respiratory system and calms the nervous system. Himalayan Salt particles enter the lungs tract and remove the unwanted particles that make easy breathing. 

Himalayan Salt Bricks Wall

Himalayan Salt Wall develops a healthy environment. It covers the atmosphere by consolidating the significant health benefits of Dry Salt related to Chromotherapy. Salt Bricks Wall is very really very easy to install anywhere in your home or office. You can build a salt wall in new or existing environments with the use of salt adhesives or a special fixing system.

As well as describing its splendid beauty, the Himalayan Salt Bricks Wall kills electromagnetic frequencies by positively charging the environmental water molecules, bringing useful effects against anxiety, insomnia, concentration issues, and free radicals.

The enhancement in the beauty of the Himalayan Salt Bricks Wall is possible. It is convenient to design it. The usage of Himalayan Salt Bricks and different dimensions of Himalayan salt blocks in building a wall will give an amazing structure to the salt wall. As you will install the backlit behind the wall, salt bricks wall will pass the light and will give an alluring look. Hiring a designer will help you in building a beautiful wall in a precise way. The LED lighting system allows for starting relaxing chromotherapy cycles. This can be controlled with a remote also.

himalayan-salt-therapy_cinzia- Himalayan Salterz
There is no need for special maintenance, it is easy to clean. If you create a salt panel, then you can easily move your panel from one room to another. Salt Panel also contains salt bricks and backlights. You can use either a wooden frame or a metal frame for the salt panel.

Himalayan Salt Bricks for wall - Himalayan Salterz


Himalayan Salt Wall for chromotherapy - Himalayan Salterz

The integration of the LED lighting system with the Himalayan salt bricks in their behind gives a boost to the characteristics of light and color with a sequence that develop a relaxing atmosphere in the surrounding environment. In chromotherapy sessions, light is controlled to set fixed color for relaxation.

Granulated Salt usage for floor

Granulated Himalayan Salt for floor - Himalayan Salterz

As we have discussed the health benefits of chromotherapy with salt bricks wall. This is a very good practice to put the pink salt on the floor. This salt is normally called granulated salt. Using this Himalayan salt for floor will definitely enhance the effects on the human body. Granulated Salt will detox the toxins from the body and its natural property of emitting certain ions will help to create a healthy environment. To get complete salt therapy sessions you should use Himalayan salt for floor. We have discussed that colors play a significant role in therapies. So the pinkish color of granulated salt will definitely participate in providing the health benefits.

Now in this modern age, you can get all health benefits of Chromotherapy with Himalayan Salt Wall at your own home. It is simple to build a salt wall with the salt bricks. To join the bricks you can use salt adhesive. For lighting you can purchase it with your own choice and installation is not very difficult.

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