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Himalayan Pink Granulated Floor Salt - 55lbs Bag

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2-5mm Granules


100 Lbs

100% pure Himalayan Pink Salt Imported by Himalayan Salterz. Natural, and arranged to fill in the area of walls of your salt room and edges, and make a bed of salt on the floor.

A Himalayan Pink Salt chunks of coarse grade which have a very small size.  Salt granules size varies from 0.2mm to 5mm depends upon customer requirement.

Himalayan Granulated Salt

is used in a Salt Room which offers a complete salt session. The floor is covered with this Coarse Salt to take maximum benefits.

This is also known as flooring Salt or Himalayan Salt for floor, people procure it to use in their Salt Spa or Salt Room where salt therapy is performed. These salt granules can also be eaten or used in Cooking as Coarse Salt.

The size of these Salt Granules is 2mm-5mm and it is available in the packing of 100 lbs.

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