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How to Detox the Body using Himalayan Detox Salt Lamp and Salt Bath

Utilizing Himalayan Salt to detox the body is exceptionally straightforward strategy to release toxins which can create in our system for an extent of reasons. Sluggish digestion, eating processed food and regular stress all adversely affect our bodies.

Himalayan Salt is an organic aid to help the body's regular detoxing processes in a delicate manner. Unlike many other detox regimes that are convoluted or costly, Himalayan Salt detoxes are affordable and simple to do.

Himalayan Pink Rock Salt - Himalayan Salterz

Most of the people take Himalayan Salt Bath but they do not follow the proper instruction or do not use the proper way to utilize it with utmost care. Himalayan Detox Salt Lamp is most effective for foot therapy or in regard of detoxifying the toxins from feet. It has been proved that who are suffering from foot sore, they get rid of it with the use of Himalayan Detox Salt Lamp.

Here are few methods to for detoxification, let us dive into them.

Best 5 Methods to detox your body using Himalayan Salt Bath and Salt Detox Lamp

1. Relax with a Himalayan Salt Bath

The restoring and cleansing benefits of bathing with Himalayan Salt Bath have long been appreciated by Eastern and Western traditions. Use Himalayan Salt to Take a Bath, has the added benefit of absorbing minerals important to the healthy functioning of the body. Moreover having a hot bath initiates the parasympathetic nervous system, which controls the relaxation response of the body (opposite of the fight-or-flight response). Other than feeling better, how does relaxing help your body to detox? The relaxation starting, response boosts your body’s natural cleansing processes as it improves healing, digestion and sleep quality.

2. Treat your feet with Salt Foot Detox Lamp and Himalayan Bath Salt

A Himalayan Salt Bath and Himalayan Salt Detox Lamp is a battle free technique for detoxing the body at home, and giving your feet and legs a calming reviving therapy at the same time.

Salt detox dome lamp

Himalayan Salt has antibacterial and anti-fungus properties and contains more than 80 minerals. These beneficial minerals are consumed into the body through your skin assisting you to release toxins and supporting the healthy functioning of the body at a cellular level.


  • Shallow bucket, rectangular if possible
  • Towel
  • Warm water in a jug
  • 6 Tbsp. of Himalayan fine Bath Salt
  • Handful of Himalayan coarse Bath Salt
  • Foot scrubber


  1. Fill the bucket with a couple of inches of normal hot water.
  2. Add 6 tbsp. of Himalayan fine Bath Salt plus a handful of Himalayan Salt Bath(it feels good on your feet).
  3. Feel Relax while Soaking your feet and then close the eyes.
  4. Utilize a scrubber for foot to gently exfoliate the soles of your feet.
  5. Dry your feet and place on the Himalayan Salt Detox Lamp for foot therapy. Putting your feet directly on the light warmed Foot Detox Himalayan Salt Lamp will work with additional ingestion of minerals and eliminate the toxins from your feet.
  6. In case you have a shortage of time and need speedy detoxification, wash your feet, get them dry, and put them directly on the Foot Detox Himalayan Salt Lamp.
Himalayan Salt Detox Lamp - Himalayan Salterz

    3. Drink a Salt Sole Every Morning

    Drinking a Himalayan Salt Sole is very simple and cheaper way to detox the the body. Drawing on the healing customs of the East, drinking mineral enriched Himalayan Salt Sole assists with eliminating undesirable particles and toxins from your body, balances pH level and supports digestion. So the question arises here.

    What is Himalayan Sole?

    Sole is a concentrated salt water solution that has a point of Himalayan Pink Salt saturation, meaning that any additional Salt added would not dissolve.


    • Pour your jar (500ml or more, plastic or glass lid) with ½ cup of Himalayan Fine Salt.
      What is Himalayan Sole - Himalayan Salterz
    • Add 1½ cups of distilled water.
    • Give the salt time to dissolve. So let it sit overnight.
    • When all the granules of Himalayan Salt will dissolve in the morning, then add ¼ of cup more.
    • This would be alright, in case there are some undissolved salt granules in the lower part of the jar, it's a sign the solution is immersed.
    • Prevent the water from evaporating by covering it, no refrigeration necessary.
    • To use: Add 1 tsp of Sole to a glass of refined water every day and drink this in the morning prior to drinking or eating something else.

    4. Use a Himalayan Salt Detox Lamp in your Home or Work Setup

    Reduce impurity, pollutant, contamination and purify the air of your home or work setup with a Himalayan Salt detox Lamp. Himalayan Salt detox Lamps attract and absorb pollutants from the air, such as pollen, cigarette smoke and dust, helping to reduce allergens and asthma symptoms. Also, the heat from the Himalayan Salt detox lamp emits negative ions helping to reduce the electromagnetic pollution we are exposed to from digital devices (e.g. computers, TVs, smart phones).

    5. Halo Salt Therapy

    The Salt Cave is an incredibly purifying environment, the walls and floor are made from a huge amount of Himalayan Salt. Well known with marathon runners and athletes for the benefits to lung capacity, Halo Salt Therapy can assist with letting manifestations free from numerous respiratory issues like asthma and bronchitis. The air in the Salt Cave is enrich with micro Himalayan Salt particles which are in the air due to emission of a Halo generator, effectively redeveloping the therapeutic conditions of a natural Salt cave. These negative ions of Himalayan Salt are absorbed by the body helping it to heal and release inflammation. All you need to do is sit near and relax.

    You can also try a Himalayan Salt Inhalers, a safe natural aid to purifying your respiratory system at home.

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