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Himalayan Pink Salt Brick 8" x 4" x 2"

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L: 8" x W: 4" x H: 2"




Natural Himalayan Pink Salt

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This is the single Himalayan Salt brick. It is a special Himalayan Salt Product that becomes ready after the process of crafting Natural Himalayan Pink Rock Salt. We mine this pink rock salt from the beds of the Himalayas mountains. Himalayan Salt Bricks are really amazingly fancy, healthy, and illuminating substitutes for regular bricks. Which are using to Decorate the walls of your home and workplace nowadays. Himalayan Salt Bricks use to install in your room to build a Himalayan Salt Wall. The Himalayan Salt Panel and kitchen slabs also use these salt bricks. People have started using these salt bricks in fireplaces, therapeutic salt chambers, yoga rooms, meditation spots, wellness centers, and others.

These Himalayan Salt Bricks help to induce melatonin hormone for sound sleep. To Cleanse and detoxify the air in the surroundings people use these salt bricks. Himalayan Salt Bricks kill microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses from your respiratory tract. It develops an anti-bacterial atmosphere, Enhances mood, and generates concentration. The color of these Salt Bricks ranges from marbled pink to blushed dark pink, off-white and ash-red. But it is a fact that each Himalayan Salt Brick has a little bit of difference in color from the other bricks. Because it is natural and stone density may vary on different sides.

The proofs are certain that Himalayan Salt Bricks can use to develop a healthy environment that automatically benefits living beings. Himalayan Salt Bricks emit negative ions which prevent bacterial growth and promote a healthy ambiance. These negative ions from Himalayan Pink Salt Bricks also reduce over-exposure to harmful electromagnetic radiations (emitted by electronic devices). This salt product has the ability to boost cilial activity by aiding cilia in preventing harmful particles to make it to the lungs and causing respiratory disorders. Salt bricks help to improve breathing by filtering out the air of harmful particles and making breathing easy.

People use these Himalayan Salt Bricks for Salt Foot Therapy at Home. Animal licks these Himalayan Salt Bricks, as they lick the salt to improve and maintain their digestion and immune system. If you install the lights at the back of the salt bricks that can give a show-stopping amber glow.

Himalayan Salt bricks require minimal care and are extremely resilient. The Himalayan Salt brick has a Length of 8 inches, 4 inches in Width, and 2 inches in Height. Due to its 2 inches thickness, it is mostly used for building purposes. Himalayan Salt Brick weighs 5.5 Pounds. This is available under the FREE SHIPPING offer.