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Himalayan Salt Bricks 8" x 4" x 2" - Pack 4

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L: 8" x W: 4" x H: 2"




Natural Himalayan Pink Salt

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This pack of Himalayan Salt Bricks comes with 4 salt bricks. We molded these bricks from pure Himalayan pink salt. The purpose behind making this mini pack is to use these Salt Bricks in domestic and small DIY projects. This is good for salt foot detox, dry-age meat, cooking, and serving purposes.

For decoration, people fix these Himalayan Salt Bricks into a frame and hang them on the wall. Some people put such a frame on the working table and put the light behind it to enhance its beauty. On another hand, as we know salt keeps heated for a long time and distributes heat equally, people utilize these Himalayan Salt Bricks for cooking and serving food as well. You can use these Himalayan Salt Bricks for your footsore. They are good for Salt foot therapy or foot detoxification. This pack is also a good and economical salt detox block. Due to its amazing and curing properties animals love to lick them. They improve animal health and their feed. People use these salt bricks for their animal licking.

Salt Bricks have a very attractive and alluring look due to their pink color which makes them look absolutely mesmerizing. As it has good look, due to being full of essential minerals they have unlimited health benefits as well. Salt Bricks kill bacteria and purify the air by generating negative ions. They have many more benefits like they improve the overall ventilation system and make the surroundings soothing. Thus people use these Himalayan Salt Bricks for the much-hyped therapeutic salt rooms ideal for various therapy and meditation sessions. Such Salt therapy sessions are good to cure various respiratory disorders and skin-related issues with the help of Himalayan salt’s healing properties.

Himalayan Salt Bricks are 8" in Length, 4" in Width, and 2" in thickness. So, their dimension is said 8 x 4 x 2". Salt Brick weighs 5.5 pounds, and this package weighs 22 pounds. FREE SHIPPING service is available.