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Himalayan Salt Bricks - Pack 25

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L: 8" x W: 4" x H: 2"


137.5 Lbs


This is a Himalayan Salt Bricks pack that contains 25 bricks. We crafted all these salt bricks from pure Natural Himalayan pink salt. The purpose behind making this pack is to give ease for customers to use it for smart, creative yet healthy home improvements. Himalayan Salt Bricks in this package come in the same size and with sharp corners. Their amazing color will mesmerize you.

Himalayan Salt Bricks make an anti-bacterial environment. This all happens due to their property of absorbing moisture from the surroundings. So the salt bricks help in preventing disease-causing bacterial to grow in the air. As we know Himalayan salt generates negative ions. Because Himalayan Salt Bricks are one of its products that is why they purify the air by emitting negative ions. Himalayan Salt is well known due to its ability to cure Asthma. Himalayan Salt Bricks support the ventilation system. This is the reason that we say Himalayan Salt Bricks develop a healthy environment. These bricks contain 98% sodium chloride and the rest 2 % are significant minerals.

To Relax and draw out toxins from the body, The use of Himalayan Salt Bricks in the room is the best practice. This is the only reason Salt Saunas use them for body relaxation and detoxification. Where these also give a better breathing experience. Speleotherapy is one of the cheapest and best salt therapy. Himalayan Salt Bricks are good for such Salt Therapy even at home. This therapy will improve the Respiratory system and kill the unwanted particles present in the respiratory tract. Salt Therapy is also an elective treatment for skin-related issues.

This is a very economical pack to make your own salt therapy room even at home or work setup. You just need to purchase this pack and Salt Adhesive to glue these bricks and have your own therapeutic space. This is the ideal pack for smaller Salt Wall or for other uses like Dry-Age meat with Himalayan Salt Bricks.

In this pack, each Himalayan Salt Brick has 8 inches Length, 4 inches Width, and 2 inches of Thickness. Each salt brick weighs 5.5 pounds. But the total weight of this pack is 137.5 pounds. Although this is the heavier item we provide FREE SHIPPING service for this pack. It is just because to give an ease to our customers.

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