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Himalayan Salt Bricks 8" x 4" x 2" - Pack 10

Himalayan Salt Bricks 8" x 4" x 2" - Pack 10


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A very economical pack of Himalayan Salt Bricks for small salt wall, salt frames, Dry-Age and salt therapies. Every Salt Brick has sharp corners and fine color


L: 8" x W: 4" x H: 2"




Natural Himalayan Pink Salt

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This pack contains 10 Himalayan Salt Bricks. We make these finished Himalayan Salt Bricks available after crafting with pure Himalayan pink rock salt. These have very sharp corners and fine colors. To safely deliver at your doorstep we cover every single brick with shrink wrap and then pack it in a carton box. We also use other materials in a  box before putting them in the carton to keep their edges sharp. So, these kinds of practices prevent Himalayan salt bricks from moisture, dust, and damage. The purpose behind making this pack is to easily fulfill various needs and purposes.

However, this is a very economical pack to provide a healthy touch to the interior by making budget-friendly yet stunning Himalayan Salt Panels and frames or carrying out creative salt DIY projects. Himalayan Salt bricks are popular to make a Himalayan Salt Wall, staircases, entrances, fireplaces, bathroom panels, kitchen slabs, and much more. This pack will help to build a small salt wall or other smaller salt projects. These are full of essential minerals to provide maximum health benefits.

People have popularly started to use these Himalayan Salt Bricks to build a Himalayan Salt Wall in therapeutic salt chambers, meditation spots, wellness centers, and yoga rooms. There are certain proofs that Himalayan Salt Bricks improve air quality by detoxifying it from airborne toxins and contaminated substances. On the other hand, it helps in foot detoxification by salt foot therapy. Himalayan Salt Bricks produce Salty air in a room that acts as a Himalayan Salt inhaler and reduces symptoms of bronchitis, asthma, and other respiratory issues. There is another trend that has started with these Himalayan Salt Bricks which is Dry-Aging. People dry-age their meat for preventing it and to develop a unique taste in it. It has been experienced that when the meat is dry age with Himalayan Salt, it gives an incredible taste because Pink Salt minerals add in it which are very good for human health. So, this pack of bricks is good enough to Dry Age your meat or beef at home also.

Himalayan Salt Bricks emit negative ions which cause accelerating blood flow. So, salt bricks improve overall sleep patterns. People install the backlights lights behind the salt wall and salt bricks pass the light and give an attractive look. The warm amber glow creates a serene ambiance which gives rejuvenation feels usually achieved from spending time in nature. So, these Incandescent salt bricks give a soothing and warm amber glow. If you install them in your bedroom, the impact of Relaxing calming ions of Himalayan Pink Salt results in romantic mood-enhancing vibes. These also clean the cilia on your windpipe by removing destructive particles like dust and allergen.

Himalayan Salt Bricks have dimensions of 8 inches in length, 4 inches in width, and 2 inches in thickness. This pack weighs 55 Pounds. Every single brick is 5.5 pounds heavy. FREE SHIPPING is available on this pack.

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