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Himalayan Pink Salt Block | 12" x 8" x 1.5"

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This salt block is good to cook on. Enjoy grilling and seasoning on this himalayan salt blocks. It is Perfect size of Cooking Block.


L: 12" x W: 8" x H: 1.5"


12 Lbs

  • Himalayan Salt Blocks can be used as Cooking Plates and can also be Installed to build a wall to give an attractive and stylish look in homes, offices, and public places too.

  • Enhance the look and promote a healthy environment in the surroundings.

  • A Salty atmosphere will give an ionizing effect on the air so that it will clean the air perfectly.

  • Himalayan products are best known for their ionizing properties. It generates negative ions into your surroundings.

  • Dimensions of Pink Salt Block are 12"(L) x 8"(W) x 1.5"(H), Weight is 12 Pounds.

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