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Himalayan salt room - Himalayan Salterz

Wonders of the Himalayan Pink Salt Room Therapy

In this pandemic situation the organic and best way of keeping our health good and to get recovered after COVID-19, Himalayan Pink Salt is more than enough. As it has many proven benefits and this is the only reason that it is getting hyped and many people have started to use it in their homes or even at their workspace in the form of cooking and therapeutic. But today we will discuss what are hidden things in this therapy that make it such an amazing and very healthful thing. We will also learn how to do Salt Therapy at Home and what things do we need to do.

Himalayan Pink Salt Bricks and Room

The salt room also known as Salt Therapy / Speleotherapy cabin is an exclusively made room that is used to treat various diseases by using the healing and calming powers of Himalayan pink salt. This special therapeutic room is made of Himalayan pink salt blocks and granulated pink salt. These blocks are crafted in special sizes of bricks which are used to build the Salt Wall, and in-wall construction, salt bricks, and a special glue are used. We have developed this special Salt Adhesive just for Himalayan rock salt. No doubt, salt rooms look absolutely stunning with pink illuminated tiles but they are not only famous for their illuminated beauty but also for the fact that they are gold for health purposes. The salt tiles are proved to be good for people with various health issues.

Himalayan Salt Room

The science behind the working of the salt room is quite simple. The salt emits negative ions which cancel out the harmful positive ions of the surroundings and make the room perfect for curing diseases. Due to generating negative ions Air of the area gets purified and anti-bacterial which promotes a healthy environment. The Salt Wall can also be made customized in homes by using salt bricks and salt glue.

Wonders of the Salt Room Therapy

It is a property of this mineral to generate negative ions when slightly heated. The salt bricks wall of this precious room are enlightened, these made the room beautiful but their light heat helps the salt to generate negative ions. Due to this effect of negative ions, this mineral acts as Air purifier because negative ions make the atmosphere anti-bacterial. Another fact is, it kills allergies that help to strengthen the respiratory tract. When salty particles go into the lungs, these smaller particles clean the inner lining of the lungs and make them able to combat diseases even like COVID-19. That’s why nowadays salt therapy for covid recovery is very fruitful. It also boosts the mood and calm the nervous system. So, it is much helpful in today’s busy days to get relief from anxiety and get a fresh mind.

Himalayan Salt Therapy

Salt room therapy is an internationally acclaimed natural remedy for respiratory conditions such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pulmonary fibrosis, pneumonia, and other immune system disorders. It is commonly used to treat diseases such as chronic bronchitis, asthma, hay fever, various ear infections, chest tightness, bronchiectasis disease, smoker's cough, and others. It is also proved through various experiments that the negative ions in the salt help in boosting the mood and therefore reduces anxiety.
It is extensively used in various countries including Armenia, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Czech Rep. and etc

How It All Started: 

The concept of salt therapy goes centuries back as amid World War 2 a German Doctor found that people who stowed away in salt mines that were utilized as tunnels to hide from the airstrikes had better respiratory conditions. Moreover, in Poland, the experts did research and found that the workers who used to work in the salt mines had better skin and respiratory conditions. Not only this, during the Battle of Budapest in 326 BC, the wounded soldiers took refuge in the salt mines along with their wounded horses. They witnessed the fact that the horses getting healed quickly because they licked the walls of the salt mines. Now we build salt walls for room and stay there in substitute of salt cave or salt mine.

Salt Therapy Room

Customized Salt Wall and Rooms:

After the ultimate success of the salt room in the major parts of the world, people have recently started making their own customized salt wall or even salt room in homes and offices. The salt rooms are perfect to be relaxed and meditate in as these two simple exercises have the ability to do wonders. Even People have started their businesses with this salt, they give salt seasons and give healthy environment which gives them a good earning way.
Visit any salt room or build your own salt wall to have a life-changing experience.

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