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Himalayan Salt Bricks Wall with Adhesive - Himalayan Salterz

Build a Mess-free Salt Wall with a unique Salt Adhesive

It has not been a long time when the people started thinking seriously about developing issues of our environment. With their concerns, many health organizations, public leaders, and public figures initiated to try and introduce amazing sustainable substitutes. During the same era, Himalayan Pink Salt and its products ( the best sustainable substitutes) got introduced. So, in a shorter period, it becomes the talk of the town. Now, in the present condition, Himalayan Pink Salt is a part of most wellness centers, health spas, and saunas. Salt therapy has been proved as an alternate meditation. It uses Himalayan Pink Salt and cures many diseases. There is no doubt about it. But today my topic is how we can build a salt wall without any wreck. We will also discuss that is it possible to build it by ourselves. Because the salt wall is a key element for a salt therapy which everybody can keep at home or office.

Himalayan Salt Bricks uses

There are many products of Himalayan Pink Salt. Every salt product that we have present, was crafted by hand in our factory. These salt products include Himalayan Salt Bricks, Salt Lamps, Salt Spa Bars, Salt soap or scrub, Salt Detox Blocks, Salt Cooking Plates, and others. However, one of the products that got major hype is the Salt Bricks.  Because of its versatile uses, it got hype. People majorly use salt bricks for construction purposes. It is a most practical use of it. When we build a salt wall, we use salt bricks for therapeutic purposes. There are different dimensions of Salt bricks. But the most suitable dimension of salt bricks is 8x4x2 or 8x4x1. Our manufacturing unit has a duty to cut rock salt blocks into these special sizes.

Himalayan Salt Bricks - Himalayan Salterz           Himalayan Salt Tiles - Himalayan Salterz


But the uses of salt bricks are different. Other than construction, people use it for grilling to chilling. Presenting a meal on these salt bricks is a very unique way. It will keep the meal warm and will add nutrients to it. If you use it for presenting salad on it. Salt bricks will absorb moisture from it and will freshen it.

Himalayan Salt Bricks - Himalayan Salterz  Himalayan Salt Bricks for salad - Himalayan Salterz

Himalayan salt bricks are very good for animals. As the animals love to lick a rock salt mineral. Put these bricks in a special place where your animal can easily lick them. You will see a result that your animal’s health has started improving. Licking salt bricks improves the digestion system, immunity system, and productivity. Licking Salt Bricks for Dogs, Goats, Cats, and pets are really efficient way.

After the Salt Bricks got famous; the audience faced many issues including the joining of the salt bricks. Everyone wanted to build their own Salt Wall and Salt Room according to their choice. However, the regular glue or any other cement damaged the transparency effect of the bricks and did not work efficiently with them.

Himalayan Salt Wall

As we have discussed the use of Himalayan Salt bricks for construction purposes. Different sizes of salt bricks are used to build and design a salt wall. But the question is how to build a salt wall. Because Himalayan salt bricks do not work with any regular cement or regular glue. Because the NaCl formula in the salt bricks reacts and barrier in connecting these salt bricks. So, we have to use a special adhesive for it. And we have developed a special salt adhesive to join and connect salt bricks together to build a salt wall.

himalayan-salt-therapy_cinzia- Himalayan Salterz

Another way of building a salt wall is to use a metal frame. This is very costly. Because you have to buy some metals then you will need to create racks in which you will put salt brick. This rack will be for one layer of brick, and then the second row, and then so on. So precisely the using of a metal frame will cost you.

We have finally introduced Salt Adhesive which helps to solve issues regarding building a salt wall. Salt Adhesive helps the customers without any building experience to build their own Salt Wall without any mess. The Salt adhesive is easy to use and it is completely transparent which maintains the transparency effect of the salt bricks. The Salt Adhesive tube weighs just 0.86 pounds. It is really a less expensive product with the most significant results. Use it for repairing your other salt items. Like you can repair your broken salt lamp with this adhesive.

Build a Mess-free Salt Wall with a unique Salt Adhesive

Himalayan Salt Adhesive

Salt Adhesive - Himalayan Salterz

This salt adhesive is very convenient in use. You just need a glue gun and put this adhesive tube in it. Then paste it on a salt brick and then on another brick and join both bricks. You do not need to put pressure on it. Just complete the first layer and see the result.  You can watch the video below about how a guy is using salt adhesive with salt bricks. As I have mentioned above that we found it after long research. This NaCl safe formula and its specialty is that it is transparent. Its clear color makes it unique. Because if you use any other regular glue then this will leave marks between salt bricks layer which will give a very bad look. To protect the beauty of a salt wall you must need a transparent adhesive.  Regular glue will require a lot of time to dry but our salt adhesive will dry shortly with full strength.

Head over to our official website of Himalayan Salterz and be happy with your Salt purchase.

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