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Himalayan Salt cooking plate - Himalayan Salterz

What Makes Himalayan Salt Cooking Plates Exquisite?

Himalayan pink salt is one of the most natural and healthier substances which is known for its health benefits along with its uses for different purposes. It is widely accepted as beneficial salt for human beings. Thus used for ultimate prevention of multiple diseases. For the very reason it is molded into various handy products in order to get its health benefits. Likewise, Himalayan pink salt cooking plate is made to make cooking healthy, fast and fun. Let’s dig deep into factors which make them absolutely exquisite for the users. 

Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate

Himalayan salt cooking plate is made up of natural Himalayan pink salt which is obtained from deep underground caves and mountain ranges located in Pakistan. They are proved to be free from impurities artificial additives. Salt cooking plate is available in multiple shapes and sizes. But the best-selling one is 12 inches in Length, 8 inches in Width and 1.5 inches thick. 

salt cooking plate

They get hot when they are placed on flame and have the ability to spread heat evenly throughout the surface which helps the food to cook fast and properly. They also serve the function of natural thermostat allowing only controlled amount of even heat throughout the food. They are unbreakable and not damageable even on extreme flames. These salt cooking plates are not too heavy to handle for cooking purposes. Natural pink color gets to glow upon heating which is fascinating for chefs to cook with great interest and joy.

Health Benefits of Salt Cooking Plate

salt cooking plate

The pink salt cooking Plate or salt slabs are used for grilling and baking various food items like seafood, egg, fish, poultry, pizza, scones, cookies and etc. As the Himalayan Pink salt is full of mineral traces and nutrients like calcium, iron, sulphur, magnesium etc. thus cooking on salt slabs make the food delish and healthy. 


They also have the ability to remove and absorbs all kind of impurities and harmful substances present in the food once it gets hot. Himalayan pink salt also has extraordinary anti-bacterial properties which makes it best option for killing and preventing microscopic bacteria to sneak in the cooked food. In addition to adding minerals and nutrients in food, salt cooking plate also enhance the aroma and taste of food.

One always wish and look out for healthy and nutrients enriched food these days. So Himalayan salt cooking plates are best options available for cooking and baking as they not only prevent food from all types of germs, bacteria and fungi but also give them extra flavor.

Why Himalayan Salt Products Should Be Added to Daily Life?

Himalayan pink salt products have been taking over the world by storm for all the legit reasons. As people have been adopting a lifestyle full of sustainable yet healthy options and pink salt products are great substitutes. 

Let’s dig deep into what are the reasons which make them absolutely matchless.
Reasons Which Make Himalayan Salt Products Matchless:

  • They provide multiple health benefits, looks absolutely classic, soothes the environment, support the great cause of sustainability, are absolutely versatile, affordable yet durable and much more.
  • Above all, Himalayan salt products are said to emit certain ions in the surroundings which make the environment bacteria-free.
  • They also absorb in contaminated particles from the surroundings and lock them up in the salt crystals.
  • Each of them possesses certain qualities which are healthy for both human beings and animals like salt spire which cures skin conditions; salt cooking plate adds nutrients to the food etc.
  • They are full of mineral contents and extraordinary healing properties. Thus they are highly recommended to be used by patients with skin and respiratory disorders.

The Pink Himalayan Salt Tiles

salt tiles

One of the bestselling Himalayan salt products, salt tiles is used for many purposes that includes presenting food on the salt tiles and for extensive construction purposes. It gives a royal, fancy and soothing touch to wherever they are being used. Salt tiles are used to build therapeutic salt room for the fact that they have the ability to sooth the environment and help in curing various respiratory and skin diseases. Himalayan salt tiles are mostly used for wall designing. Where low weight is required, salt tiles are the best option. 

Other products like Himalayan salt illuminating products include salt lamp (an illuminated salt chunk with a light inside) salt candle holder (a circular carved illuminated salt chunk with a light inside), salt bowl (a bowl pot full of illuminated salt chunks), salt basket (a basket full of illuminated crystal rock salt chunks), crafted salt candle holder (a star-shaped candle stand made of pink salt). The salt illuminating products are famous because they make the Himalayan salt emit certain ions (by warming it) which further on cleans the air and makes the surroundings bacteria-free.
Not only this, it has beautiful salt artifacts as well, which are mostly used as presents. One of them is salt soap (a heart-shaped artifact to show love and affection) and crafted Holy salt lamp (a Holy Cross which shows spiritual significance).

Moreover, Himalayan salt is also an ultimate spa agent in the form a bar which is commonly known as salt spire. It’s famous all over the world for fulfilling the spa needs. For cooking and seasoning purposes, salt cooking plate is the best option. Another great salt product is salt panel (a salt frame made using salt tiles is perfect for giving aesthetic importance to the surroundings) last but not least salt table (a classical salt table with amazing upper part). 

These are some salt products that can be used at home. But there are many more products for different purposes. The purpose of designing and crafting these salt products is only that everyone should gain the benefit. As the Himalaya pink salt has too many health benefits.

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