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Salt Adhesive for salt bricks and Lamp

Can You Glue Himalayan Salt?

What is Salt Adhesive? Is there any material that can be used for best adhere with Himalayan Salt? Yes there is. The most known and popular use of Himalayan Salt is to build a salt wall or salt room with Himalayan Salt Blocks. Now, builders require cement, glue, or such material that should connect these salt bricks to build a wall. Because regular adhesive or glue does not work with Himalayan Salt due and some of them may react with its NaCl formula. Another thing, there was no such material to repair broken Himalayan Salt Lamp or Himalayan Salt Products. People have to change this item by wasting it if it breaks. So the question is;

Can You Glue Himalayan Salt?

Yes, you can. We, Himalayan Salterz was researching and performing different experiments, and recently we developed a magical special Salt Adhesive that Can glue Himalayan Salt without creating any mess. This product is ideal for all salt lovers to play with the Himalayan Salt and build as many customized Himalayan Salt Wall projects as they can. This special adhesive has made it very easy for people to build their own salt wall and therapeutic Himalayan Salt Room or even Salt Panel.

How Salt Adhesive is different than common Glues:

This is an adhesive that is completely transparent, High strength, high prolongation, silane polymer glue utilized for flexible holding and sealing. It resists UV very well and can be applied in interior and exterior designs. For adhesion of Himalayan Salt, this is a specifically developed solution that works efficiently with this mineral. It literally solves all the issues related to using conventional glues on the Himalayan Salt Bricks or other salt products. Regular glues don’t let the backlight pass through the surface of the bricks and prevent them to show a comforting glow, however, salt glue lets the backlight pass through easily. Common Glues leave marks after drying up that make the surfaces of the bricks does not look good due to leaving strains however, our Salt Adhesive doesn’t leave any marks as it is transparent. It also acts and dried relatively fast as compared to other glues. There is another important thing that it does not react with the NaCl formula and work efficiently even if you glue two bricks you would not be able to separate it easily. These are the reasons which make it unique. Along with its above competitive edges, there is a question that is;

Can you fix a broken salt lamp?

Yes, you can. Instead of building a Himalayan Salt Wall and Room with it, you can easily use it to repair your salt lamp or any other broken salt product item.

How to Apply Salt Adhesive:

It comes with a user-friendly nozzle which makes it easy for people to have zero bricklaying experience. You should have a glue gun and put this tube into it then you have to press the tube and apply it through a nozzle on the surface of one salt brick and then press the other brick on it for some time. They will be glued in just a matter of few minutes. One tube is enough to glue at least 30 to 40 bricks.

Salt Adhesive for salt bricks

Most Practical Uses of Salt Glue: 

Today almost everybody knows about the precious minerals of salt. Himalayan Pink Salt has been getting major hype lately for its comforting glow, health benefits, practical uses, and much more. Thus, experts are still researching to explore its different properties to use it for the best of purposes. Likewise, they also make a quality addition to the salt products in order to make it possible for everyone to get benefitted from the pink salt in their desired way.
The most practical use of Salt Glue is to build a Himalayan Salt Bricks Wall for home improvements and building a Himalayan Salt Room for Salt Therapy at home. It can Build a Slat Wall Panel that gives a fancy touch to the interior by replacing common tiles with pink salt tiles and others. Build salt chambers in homes and offices to have a perfect meditational and therapeutic space for the betterment of mental and overall health.


It is very important to dry the surface of the Himalayan Salt before applying the adhesive as it doesn’t work on moist surfaces. Press for a little time after applying glue. There should be very little humidity at least less than 65%. The room temperature should also be maintained, it must be at least 28 degrees.

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