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Can You Fix a Broken Salt Lamp?

Can You Fix a Broken Salt Lamp?

Yes, you can fix a broken salt lamp with special glue. After long research and experiments, we have come to this solution that Himalayan salt products can be glued with a special material that does not react with NaCl and works very efficiently without leaving any stains or marks, we called it Salt Adhesive. This is a perfect sealant for Himalayan Pink Salt, and it made a good answer to the repeatedly asked question that “Can we glue Himalayan Salt?”. Now you can use this Himalayan Salt Glue or Adhesive to glue the salt bricks to build the salt wall without any wreck.

Broken Salt Lamp:

If the Himalayan Salt lamp gets broken accidentally then it leads to two scenarios. Natural rock salt lamps made of pure Himalayan pink salt are very fragile and turn into small pieces or granulated salt chunks upon breaking up. It is nearly impossible to fix them with saltwater solution or salt adhesive. But that broken lamp can be used in different healthy ways. However, sometimes they are broken into two pieces and can easily be fixed by using the magical Pink Himalayan Salt Glue. Aside from this, every product made with Natural Himalayan Pink Salt can be repaired easily with our unique “Salt Adhesive”. Let us dig into it, to see why it is unique and how it works.

Fix Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp - Himalayan Salterz

Salt Adhesive:

We were striving to develop such solution that helps in building Himalayan Salt Wall. People purchase salt bricks and salt tiles but then they need to hire a builder or handyman for construction, and even builders have not this type of salt glue that can be used for a salt wall. This custom made salt sealant made easy to build mess free salt wall. It is transparent and leave no marks/stains that’s why it can be used in repairing the salt products. Another good fact is, our salt adhesive do not react with NaCl formula and just because of it, this works very efficiently with Himalayan Salt. It relatively dries faster than other ordinary glue. There is no one who can compete with this product for Himalayan Rock Salt.

Himalayan Satl Adhesive - Himalayan Salterz

Fixing a Broken Salt Lamp: 

If the Himalayan salt lamp is broken into two or three pieces (from the half) then it can be fixed by salt adhesive. Salt glue or adhesive is an exclusively made solution that is used to glue Himalayan salt bricks or fix broken salt products without any mess. The way is quite simple, just take the broken piece of the lamp and apply the specialized adhesive on it, now press it on the other broken part of the lamp and press hard for like 4 to 5 minutes. The glue is proved to act and dry relatively fast as compared to common glues. This method is more likely an easy and effective way of fixing a broken lamp.

Ways to Reuse a Broken Salt Lamp:

If the salt lamp is broken into small pieces and powder then there are absolutely no worries as the leftovers can be used in various amazing ways. Those leftovers are proved to be fit for eating as they are healthy and edible. Himalayan salt contains 80 plus mineral contents which make the food full of nutrients and minerals. Thus, it’s highly recommended by the nutritious gurus to be used instead of common salts for their high nutritious value.
Moreover, the leftovers can also be used for a mineral enriched salt soak or foot detox and other healthy DIYs. Add those leftovers to the bath for a healthy bath soak. As the pink salt is full of mineral contents and has great exfoliating and anti-inflammatory properties, it helps the body to relax and makes the skin fresh. The leftovers can be used in salt foot detox by simply adding into warm water along with apple cider vinegar. Dip both the feet into the water and let the salt’s magical abilities draw out all the toxins.
If you have pets or cattle, you can use your broken salt product as Lick Block. Animal licks salt to be healthy and efficient. It improves their digestion and immunity system. There are many multi more ways where this broken salt can be used.

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