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Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub - Himalayan Salterz

Amazing DIY Salt Scrubs with Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt has a very interesting history. People look at this product when some soldiers of the second world war who were wounded discovered it accidentally. When they stayed in the salt cave, they felt that they were healing and recovering themselves. When they told this story to the public, many experts went into the salt cave and start their experiments. And now in our Modern day, we have proved the health benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt. As it contains 84 plus essential minerals which are very good for the health of humans and animals too.

Let’s dig deep into Himalayan Pink Salt functionality for skin treatment. Here we will discuss about the Himalayan Pink Salt scrubs for the skin. It is an organic and very convenient way to keep your skin healthy and fresh. Many celebrities use Himalayan Pink Salt scrubs for their skin treatment and to keep their skin fresh.

Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub for body - Himalayan Salterz

Himalayan Pink Salt for Skin

Himalayan pink salt has been proved to be one of the most magical ingredients for the skin. Because it is enriched with those mineral traces i.e. zinc, chromium, sulfur, magnesium, etc. which not only purify the skin but also leave an everlasting glow. Its extraordinary exfoliating properties remove the dead cells of the skin and make it look refreshing. It also helps in fighting off acne and other skin-related issues. For this very reason, Himalayan Pink Salt is ideal for making various DIYs. Let’s dig deep into various ideal DIY salt scrubs for skin with the magical Himalayan pink salt.

DIY Himalayan Pink Salt Scrubs

The Himalayan pink salt’s grainy texture makes it an ideal ingredient to be used in various scrubs. There are three amazing Himalayan pink salt scrub available at our store. These have proved to be the finest for the skin. As you will scrub the pink salt on the skin, the essential minerals in it will absorb into your skin cells. These essential minerals will treat your skin.

3 Ingredient Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub

This super Himalayan Pink Salt scrub is made with only three ingredients: Coconut Oil, Himalayan Pink Salt, and Essential Oil. Take a bowl (make sure to clean and dry it well) add half a cup and 2 tablespoons extra virgin or virgin coconut oil, 1 cup of Himalayan Pink Salt, and a few drops of your favorite essential oils in it. Now mix all the ingredients well and store them in an air-tight container. You can put the jar on a bathroom slab or cabinet from where you can easily use it once or twice a week.

Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub with Essential Oils

This salt scrub is made by adding Himalayan pink salt with a lot many essential oils. This Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub smells divine and also has a fine yet grainy texture. Take a clean bowl and add 1 cup pink salt, half cup coconut oil, 5 drops peppermint essential oil, 1 teaspoon sweet almond oil, 5 to 10 drops citrus essential oil (orange, lemon, or grapefruit) and a few drops pink food coloring (optional). Mix all the ingredients well and keep them in an air-tight container. Use it once or twice a week for getting the finest skin.

Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub with Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel is proved to be very beneficial for skin as its anti-aging properties fight skin aging. It also reduces acne, lightens blemishes, moisturizes the skin, and much more. Thus, when it is combined with Himalayan pink salt it makes a healthy salt scrub for the skin. Add both the ingredients to a bowl and make a healthy scrub with a fine consistency.

Use these Himalayan pink salt scrubs and get glowing yet healthy skin. 

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