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Himalayan Salt Wall Room - Himalayan Salterz

Himalayan Salt Bricks and its uses in Interior Designing

The construction industry is growing quickly. Earlier it was obvious that at ancient times architects and interior designers were especially moved in the constructions style and client requirements. Generally, the constructions were load-bearing designs and there isn't anything to do a lot.

However, in this advanced and modern age, the requirements of the customers have changed with the construction innovation evolution drastically, especially in the INTERIOR DESIGNING.

Prior structures/buildings were made to satisfy the fundamental need of convenience yet presently the utilization of the structure isn't confined to convenience. Other ventures like hospitality, facilities, and commercial buildings made an approach to extend the wings of the designers. With that being said let us leap to our subject which is one of the hyped and growing products i.e. HIMALAYAN SALT BRICKS


Himalayan Salt Bricks - Himalayan Salterz

Himalayan Salt Bricks come from the Punjab region of Pakistan after the mining process. The salt often has a pinkish color due to containing 84 essential minerals. Prior its utilization was simply limited to the food industry like used as a food added substance as table salt, an amazing Salt material for cooking and food presentation.

Designers specialists have found its amazing usage in beautifying lights and a salt wall.

There are some other applications of this Himalayan salt brick but there is no documented proof to support this;

  • To Neutralize electromagnetic radiation
  • Cleanse, deodorize (detoxify) and purify the air
  • Better sleep
  • Raise energy level
  • Boost blood flow
  • Immunity Booster
  • Enhance mood etc.

As a Construction professional, we would like to draw your consideration towards the construction and interior designing uses.

Decorative Himalayan Salt Lamps

Decorative Himalayan salt lamps can be utilized as a normal regular salt lamp and can build the feel of the room. Most people already know the benefits of these natural Himalayan salt lamps. But, they wonder whether or not to really get this one as they are not always able to fit with your home décor. This is the place where an enriching Himalayan salt lamp turns into an incredible resource for have in your home.

Interior Decoration Himalayan Salt Wall

Building a Himalayan salt wall is an arising pattern in the interiors of spa centers, wellness centers, yoga centers, and even homes claimed by admirers of all things holistic. Many People use these bricks to build a Himalayan salt wall in their Living Room, bathroom, fireplaces, or in the entrances, the purpose is just Decoration. Some business also designs their offices, wellness centers, and therapy or massage centers with this salt bricks wall, because of its health benefits and beauty.
Different sizes of Himalayan Salt Bricks are available;

Salt Bricks

Himalayan Salt Bricks 8” x 4” x 2”

Himalayan Salt Tiles 8” x 4” x 1”

Himalayan Salt Blocks 8” x 8” x 1”

Himalayan Salt Blocks 12” x 8” x 1”


These are standard sizes that can be used to build and design a Himalayan Salt Wall.

Thus, this salt item can be used very much in SPA & SAUNA area and not but least it has a greater scope in interior designing prospects.

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