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What is Salt Adhesive? - Himalayan Salterz

What is Salt Adhesive?

After months of research and experimentation, unique formula is found to design that simply outperforms material in gluing Himalayan salt. This is specially developed for Himalayan Pink Salt and it is able to join pink salt and can also be used for repairing salt products. This only item which has specially developed just for Himalayan pink salt.

Can You Glue Himalayan Salt?

Yes, with this special adhesive you can easily glue Himalayan salt and we guarantee that this will work efficiently and you would be happy with your purchase.


Salt Adhesive:

Salt Adhesive is an exclusively designed formula to join Himalayan salt bricks without any mess and additional additives. It is an absolutely user-friendly formula that has made it easy for everyone to join broken salt products and to make a salt wall or salt chamber, extensive salt décor, and much more.
This transparent and solvent liquid shape material glue helps users in building their own customized Himalayan salt wall projects. It does not react with the NaCl formula and work intensively. The salt adhesive comes in user-friendly packaging along with a nozzle which makes it absolutely easy for even immature to use it and make extensive salt projects. It is safe to say the fact that this specific adhesive has opened multiple possibilities for the users. Let’s dig deep into its positive points which make it unique from other such materials and every salt builder must-have product for Himalayan salt lovers.

Positive Points: 

  • It is in a tube and contains about 300ml material, this also comes with a nozzle which makes it easy to use even with zero building experience.
  • One tube is enough to Glue at least 30 to 40 salt bricks of standard size.
  • The salt adhesive doesn’t leave any stains after getting dried up.
  • It does not react with the NaCl formula of salt and works efficiently.
  • It acts and dried relatively fast.
  • It is transparent in color and becomes transparent once dried completely.
  • This can be easily applied in heated sauna centers even at temperatures of up to 58° C.
  • It does not have any pungent smell like common glues.
  • It can give a lifetime guarantee to Himalayan salt as it makes the broken products new again.
  • This Himalayan salt glue doesn’t have any chemical-induced side effects.
  • It is proved to be an extremely affordable option to build your own salt wall or room using this special salt glue as compared to use any other material for Himalayan salt.
  • It’s a perfect and unique product to make a customized therapeutic salt wall, Salt Room, Salt chambers at homes and offices for meditation and therapy sessions.

Salt Wall: 

No doubt the specially developed salt glue has opened multiple opportunities for the Himalayan salt lovers like building therapeutic salt chambers, making new salt wall designs, doing extensive salt décor, repairing broken pink salt products, and others. However, one of its most practical uses is building therapeutic salt chambers at homes and offices. It has made it easy because there is no need for an experienced person who will build your salt wall. It has made it easy to build a mess-free wall and relatively faster.
The customized salt wall can easily be made with this salt glue and salt bricks for giving countless health benefits. It is proved to improve overall respiratory conditions and sleep patterns, refreshes skin, fights off various allergies, soothes the mind, and much more. The salty air of the room purifies the surroundings and makes it healthy to meditate in.


Do not apply the adhesive on damp/wet salt surfaces as it doesn’t work under wet conditions. Do not apply in humid conditions or check the indoor humidity beforehand. It must be at least below 65%. A room temperature of at least 20°C (68°F) is highly recommended.
Use salt adhesive to make customized salt wall projects on your own and have a feeling of accomplishment. If you are going to think to expand your business with salt, this glue will help you in building a salty environment with perfect décor.

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