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How to Grill, Bake, and Serve on Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate and Clean It Afterwards

The trend of cooking on Himalayan salt cooking Plate has already been taking the world by storm for wonderful reasons. No doubt, it is a little tricky yet unique experience to cook food on a salt plate. But only for the first few times.

The method of cooking on a Himalayan Slat Cooking Plate is quite easy and straightforward. You just need to gradually heat the salt plate well, drop the ingredients on top and watch them sizzle beautifully. Salt Cooking Plate is really very good for grilling, baking, and serving various hot and cold dishes. Let’s dig deep into grilling, baking, and serving on the Himalayan salt cooking plate. There is a pro tip to clean the salt cooking plate in the end as well in order to boost the liability of the salt plate.

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Usage Directions of Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate

Before starting grilling, making, or serving on the salt cooking plate always make sure to dry it completely.

Grilling on Salt Cooking Plate:

People love the culture of Grilling. It develops an atmosphere that is festive but casual. So, grilling on the salt cooking plate is an incredible experience. Place the dry salt cooking plate on an outdoor grill or stovetop. You need to slowly increase the temperature until it reaches at least 260C (500F). Because sudden heat can explode the salt cooking plate. In order to check the temperature of the plate, sprinkle a few drops of water. If they sizzle immediately then the plate is ready for cooking. After making sure the plate’s cooking temperature is accurate, drop the food directly on top of the slab carefully.

Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate - Himalayan Salterz

Use metal kitchen utensils or silicon tongs to flip the food on the grill. A salt cooking plate has an extraordinary ability to spread heat evenly underneath the whole surface. It helps the food to be cooked completely and in less time.

Don’t leave your food on the plate for too long. As the food can get burnt and also turn too much saltish.

Baking on Salt Cooking Plate:

Slowly preheat the grill or stovetop in order to prevent the salt cooking plate to crack in the oven. Not it is time to add the baked goods like cookies, scones, pizza, etc. on the baking surface of the rack of the oven. Note the time and keep a check in order to prevent the goods to get baked. The goods that are baked on the salt cooking plate are said to be more flavorful and healthier.

Salt Cooking Plate as A Serving Platter:

The Himalayan salt cooking plate has been found to be the best serving platter for its beautiful pink color and marbled effect. This one attracts the eyes of humans. It is perfect to serve various hot and cold dishes, especially sushi and veggies. This is a good recommendation from experts to put it in the refrigerator for 2 hours before serving cold dishes for best results.

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Pro Tip to Clean the Salt Cooking Plate:

Don’t put the salt slab directly under water to clean it. Instead, use a damp sponge. Moreover, don’t leave the dirty salt cooking plate for too long, try to wash it right after it gets cold.

Why to use Salt Cooking Plate for incredible cooking experience?

Himalayan salt cooking plate possesses 84+ essential minerals. These are good for the human body. So, the grilling fashion on this special plate would give you nutritious food. Intaking of salt increases the metabolic process in the human body. In return, this process helps to boost your energy level. Just because of its pinkish-orange hue to its color, it makes your food presentable. Although it adds its minerals to food and keeps your food warm for a long time. Himalayan salt cooking plate develops a unique taste. So, people love to use it for cooking. As compared to regular table salt, Himalayan Pink Salt contains less sodium in it. Therefore it helps to balance the pH level in the body and electrolytes in the food as well. So, it has been proved that a salt cooking plate is a healthy addition.

Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate - Himalayan Salterz

While producing these salt cooking plate, we take extra care of them. There is no exposure to dirt and pollutants. You can use it as a perfect serving platter. The Himalayan salt cooking plate can be chilled also in the refrigerator for serving foods, as discussed above.

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