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Himalayan Salt Room Therapy - Himalayan Salterz

Why do we consider Salt Room Therapy as Therapeutic and Meditational area?

In the World War 2 some soldiers were wounded and they were running to find a safe place. They saw cave and they went in with their horses. They lived there for a few days. They noticed that they have not used any medications but they are recovering and the horses too. It was actually Himalayan Pink Salt Cave. Horses licked the salt stones in the cave, which caused their recovery. And the salty air injected healing power into soldiers. They came out and discussed about their experienced with the public. This was the time when human started to think about this Salt Cave. Experts started their research programs and they came to the conclusion. It was published that Himalayan Pink Salt has healing powers. With the passage of time, many other properties of this certain salt were found. Today, people build Himalayan Salt Wall or a complete Salt Room with Himalayan Salt Bricks to get salty air and to experience a salt cave environment.

Himalayan Salt Bricks Wall or Salt Room

Himalayan Salt Room is an exclusively designed Himalayan salt induced space/cabin. This is famous all over the world for being a perfect spot for various therapeutic and meditation sessions. It depends upon the usage, otherwise Himalayan Salt Bricks Wall also helpful for the health. Because a Salt Bricks Wall produces certain ions in the air which clears the inner linings of the Lungs. This salty air due to a small wall is good enough for human health.

Himalayan Salt Bricks Wall - Himalayan Salterz

A Science behind Himalayan Salt Room

It is quite simple about the working of the Himalayan Salt Room. It is entirely based on the healing powers (anti-bacterial and purifying properties) of Himalayan pink salt. More specifically, the Himalayan Pink Salt produces certain ions in the surroundings. These negative ions kill the bacteria by reacting with the harmful stranded ions. Thus, it makes the surroundings disease free and anti-bacterial. Not only this, it also makes the surroundings absolutely soothing by purifying the air (perfect for meditation).

Himalayan Salt Room Therapy - Himalayan Salterz
The Himalayan Salt Rooms are famous for treating various respiratory and skin diseases as well. The whole technique of treating various diseases and meditating in the salt room is called salt room therapy or “Speleotherapy”. In these techniques, we use a natural ability of generating negative ions from Himalayan Pink Salt. On the other hand, there is a similar technique called Halotherapy. This is also being done in salt room, happens with the help of artificially generated negative ions through halo-generators.

Types of Himalayan Salt Room

It is common in many health spas or in wellness centers that Himalayan Salt Room has sections. One of them is for the treatment of Respiratory disorders and skin diseases. The second one is for meditational purposes. Both sections of Himalayan Salt Room are little different by the sourcing lights infrastructure and a general appearance. Both sections are managed to develop a little bit different atmosphere. To separate both sections, people use Himalayan Salt Bricks Wall.

Treatments in the Himalayan Salt Room

Himalayan Salt Room Therapy is good to cure diseases Like, asthma, common cold, shortness of breath, cough, wheezing, chronic bronchitis, various allergies, anxiety and others. Moreover, Salt Room Therapy is very supporting environment for patients who are suffering from the skin disorders. It will cure acne, eczema, psoriasis and other skin diseases.

A brief background of Himalayan Pink Salt

The concept of Salt Room Therapy takes us back to centuries. As there are many historical events which support the fact that Himalayan Pink Salt has the healing and soothing powers. We have discussed this in the beginning. Famous tales from Himalayan Pink Salt ranges (Pakistan), Germany and Poland amid World War 2 are famous about the wonders of the Himalayan Pink Salt. People used to spend time in salt caves and then the first ever modern day Salt Room was designed back in fifteenth century in Poland.

However, now Himalayan Salt Rooms are popular today internationally as they give an organic way of getting healthy and happy. People is thinking to have Himalayan Salt Bricks Wall in their Home or Offices. The Himalayan Salt Frames are in the trend. Because frames use Himalayan Salt Bricks and LED lights. They can be hanged on the walls. So, this is a good practice to use them for a good health.

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