Why to consider Himalayan Salt Bricks as Great Sustainable Product?

Why to consider Himalayan Salt Bricks as Great Sustainable Product?

Our mother Earth is obviously urging a call to action. Our land is suffering from land degradation; air pollution, water pollution; and the effects of climate change. The ‘Sustainable Future’ is good to hear but can only be possible. If people start using all the sustainable substitutes for the things that are harming the planet. Let’s start a sustainable future with Himalayan salt products. Because they are the best sustainable substitutes due to some reasons. As Himalayan Salt products are versatile, good-looking, and provide health benefits.

Himalayan Salt Products

Himalayan Salt Products include many special and unique handy items. Himalayan Salt Lamps, Salt Bowls with massage stones, Salt Cooking Plates, and Salt Glasses. These types of Himalayan salt products are generally good to use in the house. But to build a salt wall and salt room or want to develop a completely perfect healthy environment. People use some salt building materials like Himalayan Salt Bricks, Himalayan Salt Tiles, and Himalayan Salt Blocks. The core purpose remains the same Himalayan Salt gives health benefits. So, the construction material builds a Himalayan salt wall and Himalayan salt room for different therapies in a healthy environment.

Himalayan Salt Products - Himalayan Salterz

There is no doubt in the fact that we have sustainable substitutes for fabrics, bags, shoes, bowls, and others. But what about those things which people are using all over the world as a necessity. However, we do not have a sustainable construction material. It is no doubt a necessity as it provides shelter. Factories produce common construction materials through very harmful processes. Common construction materials include finished wood, concrete, bricks, blocks, tiles, cement, adhesive and etc.

Himalayan Salt Bricks

Himalayan Salt Bricks - Himalayan Salterz

It was very hard to find a substitute for the construction material. But the Himalayan Salt bricks are a little expensive but a great substitute. Himalayan Salt Bricks are considered as one of the easiest Himalayan salt products (like salt baskets, salt candles, etc). Because these Himalayan salt bricks have common shapes. The Himalayan salt bricks are available in many geometrical shapes. These shapes include squares with equal sides, rectangles with a pair of equal sides, triangles with three sides, pentagonal with five sides, hexagonal with six sides and etc. There is a specialty that our Himalayan Salt Bricks have sharp edges. And they are also polished. So, we 100% ensure the quality and uniform sizes of Salt Bricks.

They are one of the very few Himalayan salt products that were designed a few decades back. As they were used to make spa resorts where Himalayan pink salt was used for the treatment of people. The trend of those ancient spa resorts has not gone yet. But replaced by modern-classic Himalayan Salt Rooms, so the trend of the Himalayan salt bricks has not gone either.

Himalayan Salt Bricks for a Good Décor

Instead, they are in high demand as people love to give an absolute fancy touch to their infrastructures. The texture of pink color in the Himalayan salt bricks is the real reason behind their fanciness. They are also available at very low rates on most websites. Because of the bundle purchase option. We also offer wholesale salt bricks at very low prices. Himalayan salt bricks for sale are available at our store with different variations. Check the official website of the Himalayan Salterz. And have a great Salt Shopping experience! Because some Himalayan Salt Detox blocks for foot therapy and other such salt products are available. However, the price varies according to the product but we tried to offer very economical wholesale prices.

Salt Adhesive for Himalayan Salt Bricks

Himalayan Salt Adhesive for salt bricks wall - Himalayan Salterz

There is a question that arises here, that how to construct a Himalayan salt room. After deep research and hard work. We have come to a unique solution. We developed a special Salt Adhesive. This is a perfect sealant for Himalayan Salt. The uniqueness of this adhesive is its transparency. Regular glue normally does not work with salt but our salt adhesive does. And if works or other material works. Regular glue leaves marks of whitish color or color that they possess. But this salt adhesive does not leave any color. Because it is completely clear and transparent. This Salt Adhesive is best to build a mess-free Himalayan Salt Wall. It is NaCl safe formula. Himalayan Salt Adhesive dries faster than other salt glue or normal glue.

We tried to use regular cement, glue, and other adhesives. But nothing was working perfectly. Then we made a unique formula for Himalayan Salt. This can glue salt lamps also. And this can also use to repair other Himalayan salt products. It is not very expensive but it is much more important for your salt project. It will build in less time than other glue. Salt Adhesive is compatible with wood and plexiglass also. Once it connects the salt bricks, this would not be possible to separate them. You will not see any mark in the layers of salt wall because of its transparency.

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