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Himalayan Salt Bricks and its Therapeutic and Meditational Purposes

Himalayan Salt Bricks and its Therapeutic and Meditational Purposes

Salt Room is an exclusive Himalayan Salt space/cabin which is famous all over the world for being a perfect spot for various therapeutic and meditation sessions.

The wondrous science behind the working of the Salt Room is quite simple. And the basis is entirely on the healing powers (anti-bacterial and purifying properties) of Himalayan pink salt. More specifically, the Himalayan Pink Salt generates negative ions in the surroundings. These ions kill the bacteria by reacting with the harmful stranded ions. Thus it makes the surroundings disease-free. Not only this, but it also makes the surroundings absolutely soothing by purifying the air (perfect for meditation).

Himalayan Salt Bricks Wall

To have a such atmosphere which we discussed above, you can have it easily without any cost and worry. You can buy some Himalayan Salt Bricks according to coverage area, and Salt Adhesive to connect the Salt Bricks. Some practices are to use frames for a salt wall and fix the Himalayan Salt Bricks in them. We craft Himalayan Salt Bricks from Himalayan Pink Rock Salt into different sizes. But there are 2 sizes that are popular to build salt wall. Both have a difference of the thickness, that they have. Himalayan Salt Bricks thickness matters in things, in passing the backlights, its weightage and sustainability. For a standard salt wall of about 4-5 feet high, we recommend to use 2 inches thick salt brick. Himalayan Salt Bricks will emit the negative ions and will cause to promote a healthy environment.

Himalayan Salt Bricks - Himalayan Salterz

Himalayan Salt Room Therapy

The salt rooms are famous for treating various respiratory and skin diseases as well. The whole technique of treating various diseases and meditating in the salt room is called salt room therapy or Speleotherapy. In these techniques, Himalayan salt plays its game with generating the negative ions. On the other hand, there is a little similar technique called Halotherapy which is also being done in the salt room. But it happens with the help of artificially generated negative ions through halo-generators.

Himalayan Salt Therapy - Himalayan Salterz

Most of the Salt Rooms are divided into two main sections, one of them is for treating respiratory and skin diseases and the other is for meditational purposes. From the infrastructure to the sources of light and overall appearance, everything is a little bit different from each other in each compartment. The atmosphere of both the sections is also a little bit different from each other. The partition between both the sections is mostly built by joining Himalayan salt bricks through the salt adhesive.

Salt room therapy is good to treat diseases that include asthma, common cold, shortness of breath, cough, wheezing, chronic bronchitis, various allergies, anxiety, and others. Moreover, the skin disorders that it treats include acne, eczema, psoriasis, and others.

Salt Therapy History:

The concept of Salt Room Therapy goes back centuries as there are many historical events that support the fact that Himalayan salt has healing/soothing powers. Famous tales from Himalayan salt ranges (Pakistan), Germany, and Poland amid World War 2 are famous for the wonders of the Himalayan salt. The soldiers who were wounded and their horses get started healing after staying in salt cave for few time. People used to spend time in salt caves and then the first-ever modern-day Salt Room was designed back in the fifteenth century in Poland.

However, now salt rooms are famous almost all over the world for their organic yet wonderful results. People have even started building their own customized salt rooms in their homes and offices to have little healthy yet meditational spots. We always recommend to build salt wall in your bedroom or at your working space. This will let you keep healthy and active. Himalayan Salt improves Libido, that is why your bedroom will make more valuable. Your body will keep getting other health benefits too.

Himalayan Salt Therapy - Himalayan Salterz

Salt Therapy for COVID

As the COVID pandemic has disturbed the whole world. It actually damages the Lungs. Himalayan Salt is an organic and very best way to strengthen the Lungs. This will clear your respiratory tract and will remove unwanted particles from inner linings of Lungs. The ease in breathing will make you happy and relaxed if you are suffering from this. Himalayan Salt is a good to get recover from COVID. You just need to take regular salt sessions for 45 minutes and your Lungs would be recover.

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